OILD Day 4: Temple of the Ninth Underworld

Day 4 of Obligatory Ice Level Day and the Video Game Awards gave us a special surprise. Yes, that’s right, Double Fine wants to make Psychonauts 2! If you haven’t played Psychonauts, you really need to. However, that game doesn’t have much in the way of ice levels, so I can’t really post it here. I can however feature a different game Tim Schafer brought to life though. And that’s why today’s ice level is the Temple of the Ninth Underworld, from Grim Fandango!

Temple of the Ninth UnderworldGrim Fandango is a point-and-click adventure game that’s possibly older than some of the people reading this. It takes place in the Land of the Dead, which unsurprisingly is where folks go when they kick the bucket. Sounds a bit creepy, but really it’s nothing compared to the Land of the Living, because YIKES. Anyway, Grim Fandango stars Manny Calavera, a travel agent for the Department of Death. Manny’s job is to work off his own misdeeds by selling travel packages to the Ninth Underworld to the recently deceased. When he takes a hot lead for a new client, he finds himself on a pretty ridiculous adventure across the Land of the Dead.

Ironically the Temple of the Ninth Underworld doesn’t get a lot of face time in the game, but it’s pretty important since reaching it is the end goal of just about every soul in the story. Upon reaching the temple, a soul can finally pass into the Ninth Underworld, which is a place of eternal rest. There are several ways to get there, but most of them can take years. The only quick way to get there is the Number Nine train, which reduces the travel time from four years to four minutes. Don’t think about sneaking onto the train either, or you’ll be in for a rude awakening. The temple is covered in ice and snow, and the tundra spreads for many miles; Manny and the others had to trade in their vehicles for sled dogs just to complete the trip. This turns out to be a problem, as the lack of driving made Manny’s demon friend Glottis very sick, and the only way to save him was to rocket back out of the place as quickly as possible…

 Temple of the Ninth UnderworldTakes as long to get here as it takes Britt and Chase to finish Metroid Prime 2. Full wallpaper is HERE!

Though Grim Fandango doesn’t really have ice music, I can still get you some tunes! After all, we’re talking about crowdfunds and Yooka-Laylee got funded, and that means we should listen to Freezeezy Peak from Banjo-Kazooie and Hailfire Peaks from Banjo-Tooie! Grant Kirkhope is the man, after all.

And since B-K music is awesome, we have some awesome remixes! This Freezeezy Peak orchestral mix is by Geocranium, and this Freezeezy Peak cover is by Ace Waters, featuring Soundole! But what’s that? We need more? Of course we do! This Hailfire Peaks cover is once again by FamilyJules7x, and this sax version of Hailfire Peaks is by none other than insaneintherain!

Welp, that’s all for today. Come back tomorrow and we’ll see which ice level’s next, and we’ll find out if I can tangentially tie it to current gaming news too. Fingers crossed, kids!

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