OILD Day 5: King of Winter

Day 5 and going strong! It’s getting kind of cold around here, even where I live. Fortunately I still have my TSG hoodie to keep me warm. But what about you all? I hope you’re bundled up where you are, because the elements can really do a number on your health. That’s why today’s ice level is the King of Winter, from Don’t Starve!

King of Winter

Don’t Starve is a game with a pretty simple rule built right into the title. What the title doesn’t tell you is Don’t Go Crazy, Don’t Get Eaten by Creatures, and Don’t Get Your Dumb Butt Lost Every Five Seconds. Space coyote and I discovered that all of these objectives are much harder than they sound. In this game, you have to build up resources and make new objects, clothing, and food in order to survive. The world is randomly generated and can go through day/night cycles and even different seasons, which is pretty cute and fun for a hellish dimension where everything is actively trying to kill you.

King of Winter is one of the possible maps that can spawn in Adventure Mode, the game’s story mode. The map is infamously harsh, especially if you have the misfortune of getting it early on. Resources are very scarce, daylight doesn’t last for very long, and you’ll have to act quickly if you don’t want to freeze. Making some earmuffs near the start of the map is a pretty good idea, as is making clothes of particularly fuzzy monsters such as Beefalo and the Winter Koalefant. Also keep some materials for building random fires when you need them, just like in real life. Obelisks will block your way, requiring you to be really sane or just a gibbering loon in order to pass through them. It can be a pain, but make sure to manage your crazy so you can navigate the world. Again, just like in real life!

King of WinterYeah giving Webber no armor isn’t accurate, but I just think he looks hilarious. Anyway, full wallpaper is HERE!

Music time! There aren’t a lot of catchy tunes in Don’t Starve (ambient stuff suits it more anyway) but that’s fine because I have some nice Donkey Kong Country songs for you! Donkey Kong Country has Ice Cave Chant and Northern Hemispheres. Northern Hemispheres Returns is from Donkey Kong Country Returns, though it inexplicably doesn’t play during an ice level. In a Snow-Bound Land is from Donkey Kong Country 2, and Jangle Bells is from Donkey Kong Country 3.

And where there’s music, there’s… more music! In the form of remixes! I’m pretty much the champion of segues, you guys. This Ice Cave Chant piano cover is by CGT Music, this Northern Hemispheres mix is by bLur Remixes, this cover of In a Snow-Bound Land is by Ace Waters, and mojo gogo is a mix of Jangle Bells by prophetik!

Everyone’s hard at work preparing for the marathon. We’ve got quite a few special tricks up our collective sleeve! But to see them in action, you’ll have to tune in and help us benefit some great causes. You in? I’m in!

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