OILD Day 6: Ice Ice Outpost

Halfway through the ice levels! Which is just fine because we got so many more fun ones to show off. This year was pretty neat, I think. I mean after all, we did have a ton of fun during our week-long Mario marathon, and why wouldn’t we? It was a week of all of our favorite Mario games, doing stupid stunts, multiplayer madness, races, crawlathons, and other awesome memories! Something people really enjoyed was seeing the slow-motion replays in Mario Kart 8, and that’s when I realized there was a perfect ice level for this year. That’s why today’s level is Ice Ice Outpost, from Mario Kart 8!

Ice Ice Outpost
Mario Kart 8. Does this series really need an introduction? Well I guess I should give one anyway. Mario Kart started way back in the SNES era, and introduced the concept of a wacky racing game filled with goofy weapons and items you could use against your opponent. Since then, the cast of characters has only grown, and almost every prominent character from the history of Mario games has shown up to race at least once. Mario Kart 8 literally turned things upside-down by bending the tracks in weird ways, causing the karts to transform into weird hover-cars in the process. The most hilarious feature is the addition of slow-motion replay, in which you can watch the happy little cartoon characters scowl at each other as they attack while nightmarish demon sounds emanate from the background. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Ice Ice Outpost is one of the DLC tracks, and takes place in a frozen shipyard. If you keep an eye out, you can see a bunch of boats and cranes all over the place. The biggest feature of this level is the dual tracks, one yellow and one green. The tracks are slightly different from each other, and they weave around one another through some icy caves and even during the anti-gravity sections. Pick a path you like, or really mess with the competition by changing tracks at every given opportunity and trying to knock them into the other track against their will!

Ice Ice Outpost

Everything in this picture is DLC, and it’s all pretty fun to try out! The full wallpaper is HERE!

Mario Kart’s had a ton of ice levels, so of course we have a lot of music today. Vanilla Lake is from Super Mario Kart, Frappe Snowland is from Mario Kart 64, Sherbet Land is from Double Dash (and even showed up in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games), DK Summit is from Mario Kart Wii, and Mount Wario and Ice Ice Outpost are both from Mario Kart 8!

 Remix time! This Vanilla Lake mix is by The OneUps, Frappe Cafe Vibe is a Frappe Snowland mix by Joshua Morse,  Sherbet Land Mashup is a combination of Sherbet Land and Frappe Snowland by Noteblock, this DK Summit mix is by Paulygon, this Mount Wario mix is by inasa nijiotoko, and this Ice Ice Outpost piano cover is by ThePianoSpeaks!

Halfway through and I hope you all are having fun, because I sure am! Stay tuned for more crazy ice level fun!

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