OILD Day 8: Dr. Cossack’s Citadel

Day 8 of OILD and I’ve got a pretty nostalgic level for you all. As a kid, I played a ton of Mega Man. In fact, Mega Man 2 was among the first games I ever played* so it’s a pretty special series for me. And hey, I even talked Toast through his first-ever victorious playthrough of MM2 during our last Mega Man marathon, so that’s even better! Mega Man is a series with quite a few ice levels to its name, so it’s hard to pick just one. I figured well, then why not feature an entire set of stages set in an icy environment? That’s why today’s ice level is Dr. Cossack’s Citadel, from Mega Man 4!

Dr. Cossack's Citadel

Mega Man 4 is a Mega Man game, so there’s really only one plot to it: Dr. Wily made sent some evil robots out and Mega Man has to stop them. Yeah, the games pretend like there’s any other plot, but usually that’s more or less it.  Mega Man 4 tries to trick you into thinking the villain is Dr. Cossack, a scientist who also makes a bunch of robots, but we all know this isn’t the case. Regardless, Dr. Cossack does have his own liar with his own set of stages, and that’s pretty fun so pfft, who cares about the goofy cartoon story? Let’s jump and shoot through this adventure!

The first stage of Dr. Cossack’s Citadel is covered in snow. After running through some enemies, you can climb up the side of the building, where you’re greeted with a snowstorm and slippery platforms. And let me just say that ice physics on small platforms is super fun. The boss to this stage is Mothraya, a giant robo-moth. The second stage is inside and is full of spikes, and it looks as if a full-on blizzard’s started out the windows. What’s more, there are small blocks to jump on, but they’ll shoot out damaging spikes at certain intervals. The boss here is the Square Machine, a huge machine that you have to jump into in order to damage. The third stage is an auto-scroller way up above the citadel, and it can have some really tricky jumps, so you should proba–oh, no, wait, Jagger’s got a much better idea, actually. The boss here are the Cockroach Twins, which are two robots that walk around in a spiked room and incidentally look nothing like cockroaches, but don’t worry about that. The last stage is deep below the surface, with branching paths and, dare I say, a Wily-ish amount of robo-skulls rolling around. The boss is Dr. Cossack himself as he pilots a giant machine with grabby-claws. If you can slide away from his attacks then you’re pretty much golden, so equip the Dust Crusher and smack him down. Upon his defeat, Protoman shows up to drop off a young girl named Kalinka. You see, Kalinka’s Cossack’s daughter, and Wily was holding her hostage to force him to fight Mega Man. But now that she’s safe, you can go after Dr. Wily and take him down! What’re you waiting for? Get to it, hero!

Dr. Cossack's CitadelThem beeps and boops sure do take me back. Full wallpaper’s HERE!

Mega Man games are known for their great music, and naturally that includes the ice levels! Ice Man is from Mega Man 1 (and here’s the Powered-Up version), Blizzard Man is from Mega Man 6, Freeze Man is from Mega Man 7, Frost Man is from Mega Man 8, Cold Man is from Mega Man & Bass, and Chill Man is from Mega Man 10! Oh, right, and of course the first and second Dr. Cossack stage themes.

This may shock you, but Mega Man’s gotten some really wonderful remixes lo these many years. This Ice Man remix is by Devil of Darkness, Flurry of Frozen Fury is a Blizzard Man remix by Vurez, this rock cover of Freeze Man is by bboynoe, Popsicle Synthony is a Frost Man remix by MetallTool, this Chill Man remix is by E-Tank, and this mix of Cold Man is by r.os! And let’s not forget this metal cover of Dr. Cossack’s stages by the always-rad GaMetal!

These past few days have had a ton of music, so I hope you’re enjoying the month with these songs! Will there be more music tomorrow? Find out! …but yes, yes there will be.

* If you’re not counting the Pac-Man ripoff I had on my old Texas Instruments computer, which you’re not because chances are that thing is older than you at this point.

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