Pokethon Success!

I don’t think we could have scripted a better marathon. We had tons of excitement surrounding the gameplay and most importantly we raised over $16,300 for the Rocking H Ranch. It was very fun interacting with the chat throughout and the Pokemon and twitch communities were very supportive. We could not have done this marathon without all of the support and it was so exciting to pull off. With the feedback from previous marathons we made some changes to the Pokethon that I think gave us an extra boost. There are additional changes to our formula that we will be trying out during our upcoming week long summer event. If you have time, we would appreciate it if you filled out our survey to help us improve our events: http://blog.tsg.tv/survey/

Up next is our Summer Zelda Marathon which is tentatively scheduled to start June 24, 2016. We will also be doing a Metroid minithon led by Jagger in the very near future.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon in the chat! Be sure to also follow our daily streaming account: http://www.twitch.tv/tsgpresents/

I leave you with an awesome gif from Cevune summarizing the end to Pokethon.

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