TSG Metroid Minithon

Hey y’all, JaggerG here! As you may recall during our Pokeymen marathon, I offered an incentive to organize a Metroid minithon. It sounded pretty easy because there are plenty of Metroid fans around here, right? To be honest, it kind of is. That’s the nice thing about gaming marathons; people just like to play games.

That said, I’ve been thinking about the appeal of these events, and it’s not easy to describe, really. There are some people on staff and in the community interested in playing at a high skill level, there are some people really good at socializing, some just really interesting in their thought processes as they play; all of us are so different from each other, yet come together on a regular basis to perform for you. My objective for this event is to emphasize this variety, and make it clearly a TSG event. I love other groups, but this isn’t Games Done Quick, this isn’t Rooster Teeth, etc. There’s something unmistakably unique about TSG.

I used to think speed had been the only goal, and since the previous Metroid marathon I’ve personally learned to run every game in the series. At the time, I thought I accidentally ruined TSG’s chance at future Metroidthons as a result. So for this event, I intend to disprove myself. The schedule is pending, but I do have the games list complete. Check it out:

Metroid 1 – Dr. Elder
Metroid: Zero Mission – Kennyan_the_Keeper_of_c
Metroid Prime – GendarmeOfficer
Metroid Prime Hunters – MetalMan279
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – Spn_Phoenix_92
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – Baltes
Metroid II: Return of Samus – Britt
Super Metroid – FrenchToAStone
Metroid: Other M – Blaumager
Metroid Fusion 1% – Jazaaboo the Anatotitan

These are to be played from January 31st to February 6th on our main event channel, TheSpeedGamers. You may notice some peculiar things. The main thing is that I’m not on there. The reason is pretty simple: I’m playing on the 7th. You may also notice Fusion’s listed as 1%. No, she hasn’t done it before, but she’s going to. She just doesn’t realize it yet. Unlisted are some special guest commentators. More on that later. There’s also going to be some run incentives based on patronage on both the main channel and TSGPresents.

If by this point you’re still asking the games I’m playing on the 7th, you’re a silly goose. It’s all of them. It should only take 18 hours.

Also special thanks to Kennyan for letting me use c.

That’s the end of the briefing.

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