Zelda Marathon Details Part 1

This post is meant to shed some light on the format of our Zelda Marathon. We are dividing our marathon attendees into two teams, Team Hyrule (light world)and Lorule (dark world) . Every run will net a team points depending on their performance.  A run will start with 5 points and each death will be a loss of one point.  At the end of the run the the points will be added to the teams total score.  For example, if I’m on team Hyrule and I play Majora’s Mask with 1 death, I will gain 4 points for team Hyrule. The runners will also each set their own goal times. If the goal time is beaten, you gain an additional bonus point for your team. There will also be races that will gain the winning player +3 points for their team.

Each day there will be a few points up for grabs that will be decided by viewer participation.  Fan art, promotion, etc.  Another example, “Today community member Evandeck received the most retweets promoting the Zelda marathon. Evandeck can now choose which team he would like to give one point to.” There are other contributing factors and partnerships that we will be revealing as we get closer to the marathon.

I think fun competition will be a great way to highlight our strengths , raise a great amount of money for charity, and have a great time with the community.  Teams and more information will be announced in upcoming blog posts.

The Zelda Marathon is 1 week long, June 24-July 1 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

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