OILD Day 1 – Erana’s Peace

Day 1 of Obligatory Ice Level Day, and already we’re in a field of colors. You know, even though this holiday is made up, I think it’s safe to say that the holiday season itself promotes one important thing. That thing is peace. That’s why the first ice level of the year is Erana’s Peace, from Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero!


Quest for Glory’s a pretty old game, in case the screenshot didn’t tip you off. Despite being a Sierra game, it wasn’t just point-and-click puzzles! It combined that style of gameplay (and humor!) with RPG elements to create a very funny, very endearing story. You play the part of the adventurer, a hero you customize yourself, on your journey to becoming a hero. The ogre Baba Yaga has been terrorizing the land of Spielburg, defeating or transforming anyone who dare oppose her. The people need a hero to save them from this menace. Fortunately, you’ve just just graduated from the Famous Adventurer’s Correspondence School, so you’re more than up to the task!

Erana’s Peace is kind of a weird choice for my fake holiday, since there’s no ice within the area itself. However, the lack of ice inside the meadow is actually what makes it so neat! For you see, Erana’s Peace is in the far north, and it’s situated inside a snowy, icy mountain range. So while this one small part of the area is warm and flowery, you can actually see the snow nearby! So why is this place so special? It’s all the work of Erana, of course! Erana is a recurring historical figure in the Quest for Glory series, a powerful mage who decided to travel the world and use her power to promote peace and safety. Other characters speak very highly of her, as she was known to do great deeds as she traveled the world. Among her many feats were the creation of sanctuaries. These blessed lands allowed travelers to stay and rest. One of these sanctuaries is Erana’s Peace itself. In the game, you will be restored to full health if you sleep there, and the giant tree has an infinite supply of fruit for you to eat. A rock in the meadow has the words “Erana’s Peace” etched into it, and magic-using players can find the Calm spell under it. Isn’t that cool? That was pretty nice of Erana to make such a great place. I think we should all follow her example.

oild-eranaspeace-tWant to feel calm and serene? Get the full wallpaper here!

Every year, I post ice level music for people to enjoy. And yes, Erana’s Peace has its own theme! It’s a very relaxing, pretty tune, so I think it’s a great start to this fun little season.

Also every year, I post ice level remixes. Usual holiday music not cutting it for you? Well never fear, because I’ll give you a nice alternative. For example, Mr. Kenor’s guitar cover of Erana’s Peace! Or Spelpappan’s synthy remix of the theme! Or this cover by Isharu Matsu! And hey, there’s even a remix on OCR. Late Snows of Winter is by jmr, and it’s a beautiful mix featuring guitar and tambourine.

So that’s it for Day 1 of Obligatory Ice Level Day. I hope you all are now inspired to make your own safe havens to promote tranquility and happiness! In the meantime, tune back tomorrow for Day 2.

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