OILD Day 9 – Snowy World 5

The next-to-last OILD post! And it’s pretty adorable. It’s the season for giving! The season for making people happy! The season for all sorts of fun decorations! That’s why today’s ice level is World 5, from Yoshi’s Woolly World!

ice-yoshis-woolly-worldYoshi’s Woolly World! Toast got me this game (plus the Yarn Yoshi amiibo!) as a gift, and it might go down in history as the smartest thing any human being has ever done. The plot to this game is pretty simple; Kamek the Magikoopa has invaded Craft Island and turned all those adorable Yoshis into “Wonder Wool”! Huh? Oh, no, they were always wool. All the islands in this game are made out of different arts and crafts, actually. The only thing Kamek did was unravel all the Yoshis. Still, that’s mean! So the only remaining Yoshis need to get out there and knit all their friends back together.  Like I said, all the islands are made of different crafts, and it’s adorable! Lava is made of orange scarves, shrubs are made of green balls of yarn, and thick vegetation is made of afghan patterns hanging from knitting needles. The Yoshis themselves also transform to match their actions, so their legs will turn into wheels when they run, or propellers when they double-jump. Oh yeah, and since all the Yoshis are knit wool, there are TONS OF DIFFERENT PATTERNS FOR THE YOSHIS. GOOD IDEAS.

So that said, World 5. Jeez, where to even begin? This entire world is an ice level and every stage is distinct! 5-1 is full of giant, fluffy snowballs made of cotton. The ground is made of fuzzy wool because hey, it’s snowy, right? And in the background, there are knit caps that are meant to be… uh… knit caps, I guess? Underground there’s a sparkly crystal cave, with the gems being plastic sequins of course. It’s full of ice blocks that bar your path, but thankfully you can grab some fire (made of red yarn!) off of some enemies and melt them. At the end, a huge cotton snowball chases you down a hill! 5-2 takes place on a cold lake. Giant doilies with snowflake patterns hang from the platforms, and there’s even an aurora borealis made out of waving, shimmering cloth. Archerfish-like creatures known as Sprayfish shoot long jets of water (blue yarn, in any case) that flings you straight into the air if you touch it. There’s even a giant ice Blargg in the water! You can also find ice Snifits, wearing adorable little blue parkas. 5-3 is… a magic carpet ride? Okay that one’s a little weird for an ice level but hey, the colors are pretty! 5-4 is a fortress full of giant rotating ice platforms made of iridescent vinyl. Oh, and BUMPTIES. THOSE PENGUINS FROM YOSHI’S ISLAND. MADE OF YARN. GOOD. 5-5 is full of knit trees covered in cotton snow. If you touch it, the snow falls right off and makes little piles for you to stand on. Plus it has snowmen made of yarn balls! 5-6 is a weird stage. It’s a mountain made of knit blocks with snowflakes and icicle patterns sewn into them. Along the way, tubes of knit thread wind around the stage, allowing you to use them as platforms. This level’s a maze, and man it’s hard to find all the collectibles in it! 5-7 is a delightful ride on a bunch of ski lifts, but sadly there are no snowmen with fezes to join you on them like in Yoshi’s Island. From there it’s on to Snifberg the Unfeeling’s castle. Snifberg is the boss of this world, and of course he’s a giant ice Snifit in a huge block of ice. If you can knock him into the spikes, his shield will break, allowing you to hit him. Most of the Yoshis you can get in this world are ice themed too! Of the snow-themed patterns, there’s Alpine Yoshi, Glacier Yoshi, Frostbite Yoshi, Blizzard Yoshi, and of course, Snifberg the Yoshi. Oh! And when they’re on the ice, their feet turn into little ice skates! YAY!

Yes, I just did a write-up on an entire world. I love this game, ok?


Alpine Yoshi and Frostbite Yoshi having some fun, because 2-player makes the game even better! Get the full wallpaper here.

We have a lot of music! Yoshi’s Woolly World actually has a lot of songs for each world, and World 5 gets a lot of love. World 5 plays on the map screen for the world. Fluffy Snow Here We Go (Surface), Fluffy Snow Here We Go (Underground), Frozen Solid and Chilled, A Little Light Snowfall, and Up Shuttlethread Pass all play in different levels of the world. Vs. Snifberg the Unfeeling plays during the Snifberg battle.

Unfortunately there are no remixes of any of these songs, which is a shame! If any of you skilled remixers are reading this, please consider any of those songs! Anyway, let’s make up for it with some other Mario remixes! Frappe Cafe Vibe by Joshua Morse, Holiday Frappe by Tweex, Party in the Snowland by DarkeSword, and Rainbow Snowland by Dhsu are all remixes of Frappe Snowland from Mario Kart 64. This orchestral remix of Freezy Flake Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2 is by ClefferNotes, as is this remix of Cool, Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64, and hey, they have their own Frappe Snowland mix too. This piano cover of Ice Ice Outpost from Mario Kart 8 is by ThePianoSpeaks. And of course, this Cool, Cool Mountain cover by FamilyJules7x.

Welp, tomorrow’s the last ice level! I hope this has been fun for you all! Whether you wish there were more or you’re sick of these posts, just keep pushing forward and aiming for the top, ok? It’ll be worth it down the road!

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