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Rhythm Heaven Fever Review

Rhythm Heaven series is from the small and strange corner of Nintendo responsible for the WarioWare games and other oddities. The series’ roots were on the GBA, but the first on to the western market was the DS sequel. While all three games have a lot in common, Rhythm Heaven Fever feels much more like a proper sequel to the GBA game in that it uses button inputs rather than motion controls or a touch screen. It also improves on the formula with more interesting visuals and music.

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Mighty Switch Force Review

WayFoward has been at the forefront of making beautiful and fun 2D games for years now. Ever since gaining popularity with Shantae on the Game Boy Color, they have been unstoppable. Mighty Switch Force is the third entry in a series of titles WayForward has been releasing for Nintendo’s downloadable services and it is also the first of those titles to arrive for 3DS. With some interesting mechanics that led to some pretty challenging later stages, Mighty Switch Force is a great start for downloadable 3DS games.

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A Brief History of FMV Games

Full Motion Video games are a bit of a fascination of mine; specifically for me it is the PC adventure genre of FMV games that excites me the most. Combining the asinine and obtuse puzzles of PC adventure games with limiting full motion video graphics and often terrible writing and acting is something I can earnestly enjoy. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, let’s start with defining what exactly an FMV game is.

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Why I Like: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the most hated Final Fantasy games in quite a long time also happens to be my favorite one. Recently I was thinking about Final Fantasy games and which one I would say that I liked the most, and I kept coming back to Final Fantasy XIII for some reason. Keep in mind I have only ever played  the original, II and VII through XIII, but still, in my experience, Final Fantasy XIII is my favorite.  I wanted to take this chance to really dig into the aspects that make me enjoy the game so much.

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Saints Row: The Third Review

Saints Row: The Third is the evolution of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If there was an alternate reality where Rockstar decided not to take a more serious tone with Grand Theft Auto IV, this is where I feel they might have ended up. It’s crude, violent, hilarious, and it has a pacing that most open world games can’t manage.

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The Journal of a Khajiit in Skyrim

At this time since Friday night when I picked up the game, I have put about maybe 28 hours into The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim. After putting that much time into the game I decided it might be neat to write a journal from the point of view of my character. I made a Khajiit named C’ain and I set out to do just that. In about 30 minutes of gameplay I was left with a grand adventure to tell. It’s not exactly an article, but I thought it would be an interesting way to write about the game.

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Nintendo Unveils 3DS November Update and More

We all knew it was happening today. Nintendo has held a pre-recorded press conference starring Nintendo of America’s very own Reggie Fils-Aime. Among the many announcements, updates for the 3DS were revealed including Hulu Plus coming to 3DS, the ability to record 3D video using the Nintendo 3DS camera, street pass updates and more.

Nintendo seems to upping their attempts to bring different types of media to the 3DS which is great news for them, as they continue to catch up with Sony and Microsoft as far as non game uses of their systems go. What do you think about the announcements?

Check out the video for your self after the jump.

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The Binding of Issac Review

Edmund McMillen has been around for a good long while on the indie game scene now. The first game I can remember playing of his was Gish. While I loved the concept, trying to jump consistently was a pain. It’s amazing how far McMillen’s games have come with Meat Boy and Super Meat Boy being two of the greatest platformers on the market today, and his continued mastery over creating creatures that are as gross as they are cute.

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Chrono Trigger to Release on PSN Tuesday, For Real This Time

It was announced that Chrono Trigger would be hitting PSN a couple weeks ago, but apparently the PR guy tweeted something wrong because later that day it was shot down. Square Enix will be releasing it this Tuesday. There is no word of which version it will be or the cost, but I assume that it’s going to be the PS1 version and it will be sold in the Play Station Classic section of the store. Square Enix has a tendency to sell their bigger name RPG’s for about ten dollars instead of the average six. Check it out if you love Chrono Trigger or perhaps if you just never got around to playing it and want to check it out. While I don’t put Chrono Trigger on the pedestal that most do, I still recognize that it is one of the finest 16-bit RPG’s you can choose to play.