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Deus Ex Difficulties

Deus Ex’s gaming history has always had a difficulty level of casual and realistic.  But are we finally going to see something slightly more difficult?

PCGamer got a hands on look at the difficulties, and it looks like gamers will have more options in their gaming experience.


Although it begs the question..  Does Deus Ex literally mean that you need to be brought back to life in order to complete it?  Is it a gaming difficulty greater than BattleToads:Demon’s Soul Edition?  Or it is just an artsy title for “EXTREME”.  Only time will tell…

Source: BeefJack

Journey Co-Op Not What Expected

Hoping to explore the desert in the upcoming PSN title Journey with friends?  I’m afraid the developers aren’t going to even give you a chance.

Co-op play will be entirely a random event.  You’ll never know who or what you’re playing with.  Grandma Miller or the weirdo down the street?  It’s all a mystery.

The development team believes that co-oping with friends will screw up the game’s overall message, and they want gamers to experience the game mystery for themselves.

“The sands are unknown…  If you know your friends then when you play this game you’ll be thinking about ‘what is Tom or Jimmy thinking?…  You shouldn’t know who the other person and why should you care whether this other ‘journeyer’ is a 60 year old woman or a kid; that doesn’t matter. We want to keep the experience within this world, and we felt that friends could dilute what the game is about.” says Journey developers.

Source:  Gamerzine

Bad Doggy! [Free Copy of Dead Space 2]

What a strange title..  Then again, it’s quite a strange story.

A young lady named Ashley was happily playing  Dead Space 2 when her dog knocked over her Xbox360, killing it in the most horrible fashion imaginable…  [AKA:  Not a RROD and not covered by warrenty.]  After attempting to fix the console, she quickly ran to Twitter in order to gripe, complain and generally fill up her followers boxes.

Well, a director at EA [somebody that had previously commented to Ashley that Dead Space 2 was going to be a great title] noticed, and sent Ashley a little present!

An autographed copy of Dead Space 2, alongside a hand-drawn image from the Dead Space Artists!  [See them after the jump].

Makes me wonder…  Can I get my yorkie to drag my Super Nintendo outside a 5 story window and get an autographed copy of Earthbound?  IT IS OBVIOUSLY WORTH A TRY.  [/begins evil plotting]

Source: NicaGamerz

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PS3 Slim Sells More than Xbox 360 in 2010

It makes me wonder why Sony didn’t do this in the first few years that the PS3 was screwing up the market.

PS3 Slim Hardware Sales:

  • 2009/10 – 11.9 million units sold
  • 2010/11 – 24.1 million units sold

Xbox 360 Hardware Sales:

  • 2009/10:  8.8 million units sold
  • 2010/11: 19.4 million units sold

Looking at the monolith hugeness on my gaming shelf, I continue to ask myself why Sony didn’t just wait a little longer and just make the slim version of their products first.

Source:  GamersMint

Treyarch Angered With Fans

Apparantly, Treyarch is getting fed up with video game fans.  [Protip:  NOT A POPULAR POSITION TO HAVE]

Well, I suppose that’s a little extreme.  Treyarch are specifically angered with gamers that  get angry over original/creative titles and want the same game over and over again.

Too many developers who try new things are getting burned by “pundits” and angry entitled fans who look to be contrarian, sometimes simply for the sake of being contrarian.  The only thing this attitude aims to achieve is stunt that creativity and innovation even further, which is something that no rational gamer looking to be entertained would want to do.” says Olin.

So what do you think?  Do you guys get angry when developers try new things, or is Treyarch getting its underwear in a bunch over nothing?

Source:  VideoGamer

Sucker Punch : “Infamous 2 Better Graphics than Uncharted 2”

Hoo-boy, and I thought that Trion World developers were nuts.

Anyway, the developers of Infamous 2 are wanting to set the newest benchmark in graphical greatness by having its upcoming title Infamous 2 to have better graphics than the current undisputed champion of Uncharted 2.  While they offer no proof to their desired claim, the development team seems very confident.

Although it’s a shame to have such great graphics and keep Cole with that terrible haircut.

Source:  Sprong

Gamestop Offers 50% Bonus Trade-In Credit

Looks like GameStop is offering a great promotional deal for gamers everywhere.  For the time being [with no clear end date on the promotion], gamers will get a 50% bonus on trade-in items that goes towards the purchase of a pre-owned item.  In a nutshell, if you give Gamestop a game that would bring in $30 trade-in, you’ll get $15 dollars extra if you use that credit towards buying a used copy of another game.

So if you’re a gamer on a budget, and don’t mind losing a few copies, it’s a great opportunity to snag some great titles!

[Plus, a great way to rack up points on those cards!]

Source:  TheGameHeadz

Great Games for Cheap Gamers : Craftin’ Some Mines

In these hard economic times, it’s difficult to shell out $60 for “Remote Wagglin’ 10 : GOTTA HIT THOSE CRABS” on the Wii.  Instead, why don’t we check out some fantastic games that are easier on the wallet AND just as fun as “Shoot Em’ Up 43 1/2 : Revenge of the Brown”.

This week, we’re going to look at a recent internet phenomenon known as Minecraft, as well as a great Action/Adventure title for the PS2 known as Samurai Legend Musashi.

Check em’ both out after the jump!

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Jailbreak gets Restraining Order

Looks like the pirating isn’t the lucrative business as Hotz [the jailbreak developer] originally thought!  While the court case revolving around the big PS3 code cracking is ongoing, the United States Court recently issued a restraining order against the jailbreakers, keeping them from distributing, linking or even so much as encouraging the program in question.  They are also forbidden from sharing any secrets that they may have acquired during their cracking sessions.

Most importantly, however, is that they are being forced to surrender all technology involved with the process.  Although their lawyers are throwing a fit over this, and are currently contesting this aspect.


Source:  EnGadget

Firmware Update: COD BanHammer or Serious Flop?

Is the latest firmware update [meant to stomp down on cheating and pirating] a big success, getting people exactly what they deserve, or a gigantic flop hurting lots of “innocent” gamers?

While its too soon to tell if a lot of innocent gamers are getting hammered, check out some pleas of innocence on the Ps3 blog after the jump [courtesy of Ripten].

Source:  Ripten

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