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Shrinking the Gamer’s Head : Battling Addiction?

South Korean psychiatrists recently discovered that a popular anti-depressant seems to have a somewhat odd effect on gamers, in that it helps “cure” them of their “addiction” to Starcraft.

The drug, known as Bupropion [aka: Welbutrin ] was recently used in a study to confirm or deny the allegation that it was able to curb the “urges” to play Starcraft.  Total gaming time was down by 35.4 percent, whilst gamers reported a 23.6 percent reduction in cravings.  Psychiatrists were elated at the results, and gladly pronounced the study a success.

The study originally began as a means of helping combat South Korea’s population, which had a whopping two million of its residents addicted to the Internet and online gaming.  The addiction going as far as to causing divorces between married couples, and general unrest in family and social life.

Alongside curbing the urge to “Zerg it up”, the antidepressant was also reported as a means of assisting smokers addicted to cigarettes.

Although, the release of Starcraft II, the very existence of the World of Warcraft and its ever expanding empire will probably ruin hundreds of thousands of research dollars.  Way to go Blizzard.  Way to go.

[Author’s Note:  Do not, under any circumstances, treat this as medical advice that you should take. TSG, myself, and the sourced website are not doctors, are not psychiatrists, and have zero desire for you to try/attempt this drug to cure any addictions you feel you may have.  All medications have side effects that can be potentially dangerous to your health.   If you feel you have a problem, please consult a doctor/psychiatrist and not a random blogger.  Please and thank you.  :D]

Source: GossipGamer

Target : The Next Gamestop?

In an effort to “go green” [Read: Make more money with the used electronics industry], Target has begun a new “Electronics Trade In” policy, where shoppers can trade in used/older electronics for in-store credit.  Besides the obvious iPhones, iPods, and older cell phone models, Target also mentioned video games as a trade in feature.

Target states that it will offer a wide variety of price ranges for used items.  Some lower end items being around $20, and more pricey items around $200.  The price is determined by both condition of the item as well as the rarity and usefulness of the item.  Imagine my disappointment that my 2003 razor phone will not be well received at the check-out counter.

This new service will hit Californian stores on August 24th, will hit other stores in September, and around 850 stores nationwide by October.

While I don’t think it will [at first] be any source of a replacement for Gamestop or other video game boutiques, it’s comforting for parents to have a big-name retailer that little Bobby won’t get “scammed” at, only getting 2 bucks for his mint condition Madden 2003 PS2 title without the cover.

So check out your local Target stores sometime later this fall.  Or not.

Source:  Joystiq

Rock Band 3 DS Falls Short?

The console version of Rock Band 3 has been reported to have roughly 83 different tracks.  The DS version?   Not gonna happen.

Rock Band 3 DS has been revealed to have 24 tracks, all of which can be viewed after the jump.

I know handhelds can’t be expected to hold as much as big name consoles, but 24 tracks seems a little on the skimpy side.  I’d even be for a small graphical downgrade in lieu of another 10-15 songs.  But that’s just me.

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Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light Pre-Order Bonuses

Square Enix is helping to guide gamers directly to their latest Final Fantasy product.  If you purchase the DS version of their latest RPG, Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light, each game will come with a cute poster that you can see after the jump.

If you preorder the game through Gamestop, they’ll throw in another adorable poster, a blown up image of the case design.  [Also viewable after the jump]

Finally, if you pre-order the game through Amazon, you net yourself $10 off your next Amazon purchase.    [Not viewable after the jump, but still cool!]
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Final Fantasy Versus 13 May Not See 2011

It’ s been roughly 4 years since the first scenes of Final Fantasy Versus 13 were revealed.  You’d think that’d be plenty of time for Square Enix to get its act together and get a release date rolling.  Well, you’d be wrong.

After Gamescon, sat down with the producers of Final Fantasy Verses 13, who had this to say:

“We have no release date information to update. Unfortunately we can’t say anything about that. We can’t commit ourselves to 2011 either.”

So die-hard Final Fantasy fans will have to wait a little while longer.  Then again, most of us are used to this sort of treatment by now.

But I say enough is enough!  Let’s abandon Square Enix and find a new hero in amazing Japanese-styled RPG’s!

What?  There is no other company that produces such magnificent JRPG games in a timely fashion?  Well crud.

See ya’ll in 2012.

Source: GamingUnion

Great Games for Cheap Gamers : Crazy Emblems

It’s hard to be a gamer in these trying economic times.  While the prospect of playing “Hack and Slash RPG 10, Let’s Gather Turnips” is high on your list of priorities, shelling out $60 for it, and another $20 for the “Wii Sword” isn’t.

That’s what I’m here for!  Join me after the jump as I highlight two great games for discount prices!  The first being a crazy racing game, the second a classic tactical RPG.

With all these savings, you can buy the important things in life.  Food, electricity, internet bills and of course that awesome spring title “Weed Whacker 12, Revenge of the Moles”.


Scary Good Fun

EA has announced that a special “Tokyo Showcase” will be held before the commencement of the annual Tokyo Game Show.

It has been speculated that the project taking this showcase will be EA’s biggest pet project: the Shinji Mikami-Suda51-Akira Yamaoka-QEntertainment collaboration.  [Developers who are famous for titles such as Resident Evil, No More Heroes and Space Channel 5].

Taking the creative talents of the collaborators, EA hopes to utilize its massive sales force in order to make these talents more widely known.

An EA spokesperson was quoted as saying “people are going to get an opportunity to finally listen to what you guys have been writing about Suda for a long time.”

The project is currently rumored to be developed for PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.  The final console call will likely be announced on the September 15th event, so many will have to wait until then to find out for sure.

Source:  Joystiq

Reaching out to Pirates

Sad news to gamers out there that download and played the leaked Halo Reach.  Microsoft is not amused and is taking names.  All names, actually.  Any gamer that is found to have a pirated copy of Halo Reach is having their Xbox Live tags and account banned from the network.  After the jump, take a look at the letter Microsoft is sending out to players unfortunate enough to have received the wrath of the all mighty Microsoft.

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Last Chance for “Redemption”

Rockstar Games, as originally promised, is going to begin banning players using hacked save states in their hit game Red Dead Redemption.  While the original announcement came last week, the banning procedures will begin tomorrow.  So, join just after the jump to see what exactly needs to be done in order to restore your “HONOR”, and claim your “REDEMPTION”.

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