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Medal of “Dishonor”?

Has EA gone too far this time?  Much like the similar controversial mission in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2, EA puts gamers in the hands of opposing forces in a world-wide conflict.  The drama this time?  Players take the role of Taliban soliders.  After the jump, join us as we see the two opposing forces in yet another media-sparked video game war.  [Yes, I also apologize for the terrible pun.  BAD WRITER!]

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Portal 2 Release Date Confirmed

Valve has confirmed though Gamescon the release date for the long anticipated Portal 2.  Portal 2 will be hitting shelves Feburary 9th, 2011.  Also confirmed from previous press releases, Portal 2 will be supported on the Playstation 3, and as Valve  originally stated, it will be “the best version on any console”.  However, it was also confirmed that Portal 2 will have neither 3D or PlayStation Move support.  The game will also launch on the Xbox 360, Mac, PC, and will be released at the same time.

More suprisingly, however, is the direction the voice acting seems to have taken.  It was also announced at Gamescon that hit “The Office” actor and writer Stephen Merchant has been selected to voice a “buddy sphere Wheatley” in the upcoming Portal 2.

(Source: CVG & Destructoid)

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No More Heroes “Moves” To PS3

Konami revealed during the Gamescon press conference that No More Heroes : Heroes’ Paradise, a remake of the original No More Heroes for the Wii , will be “moving” on over to the PS3, alongside the new Playstation Move peripheral.

Developers assured gamers that No More Heroes : Heroes’  Paradise can be played with the standard PlayStation 3 controller, but that the overall gaming experience will be more enjoyable and “enhanced” with motion control and the Playstation Move.

Much like the previous two titles, No More Heroes : Hero’s Paradise will follow the tale of the otaku-wrestling-cat lover Travis Touchdown in his many adventures to become the greatest assassin in Santa Destroy.

No More Heroes : Hero’s Paradise will hit American shores next year in 2011.

[Author’s Note:  It seems IGN and myself were mistaken about what No More Heroes : Heroes’ Paradise was about, and I have edited the article to reflect this.  I apologize for the misunderstanding this may have caused.]

(Source: IGN)

Great Games for Cheap Gamers : Of Eggs and Lansers

In these trying economic times, it’s hard to be a gamer.  Shelling out sixty dollars to play “Super Space Marine Adventure 24 : Revenge of the Generic Alien #24” is tempting, but wouldn’t we all rather get more games for less money?

That’s what I’m here for!  After the jump, join me as I show you two great games for low prices, and you can save up the rest of the money to buy the really big title this fall, “Raceway Adventure 4 : Revenge of Vader.”
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Sucker Punch Takes a Step Back

It was revealed from Sucker Punch, during Sony’s session at Comic-Con, that the new and friendlier looking Cole  would not be starring in the game Infamous 2, as originally announced.    Developers stated that they wished to create Cole much in the same manner as he was in the first game, hoping to stay more in line with his original personality and quirks.  Oh, and his frowning.  Gotta have the frowning.

At Gamescon, we were given our very first peek at the “new” “new” Cole.  Take a peek at the before/after pics, as well as the new trailer for Infamous 2 from Gamescon after the jump.