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Bioware Begins Patching ME2 PS3 Bugs

Apparently, Mass Effect 2 gamers have been finding themselves [very rarely] experiencing a nasty bug that is corrupting save files and ruining hours of hard work and labor.

Thankfully, Bioware’s technical support department aren’t as lazy as Obsidian with their Fallout New Vegas patches and have already begun fixing the issue.

“This patch is then being delivered to Sony ASAP for verification and distribution. We will announce as soon the patch is available. Please see the below patch notes for a complete list of what will be included.” says Bioware.

Patch Notes
-Fixed a crash related to memory fragmentation. This fix will also resolve the crashing that corrupted Save Games.
-Slightly improved load times and level streaming.
-Added some telemetry to better improve future titles.
-Updated some strings to fix spelling mistakes (Sorry Kaidan!)
-Fixed the picture frame in Shepard’s Cabin to accurately reflect your love interest choices in Mass Effect: Genesis.
-Fixed a rare crash in the PSN version in Shepard’s Cabin.

But if you’re unable to wait that long…
“There is a very simple work around to ensure the freezing and corruption issues are minimized. Simply restart your game every few hours. By shutting down and restarting your game, you will not encounter the corrupted save issue.” says Bioware.

Source:  Computer&VideoGames

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details Revealed

Sorry.  There’s not an amazing introduction concert this time around.

Instead, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be following around the mythology surrounding the deities in the Final Fantasy XIII universe [mostly surrounding the Etro deity, which controls the human heart].  Moreover, the story will pickup from the storybook that came with the Xbox360 version and expand upon events both past and present in the Final Fantasy XIII universe.  We are told that the world would be “expanded”.  Whether this was meant as a literal “ZOMG we can get out of the straight line we walk from point 1 to game end” or if was speaking figuratively in terms of depth of plot.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been called [by team leaders] as a more dark and mysterious entry into the Final Fantasy universe.

The male opposite of Lighting is still unconfirmed, but it is rumored to be Cid Raines [unconfirmed by all senses of the word].

The  battle system was very briefly discussed.  Developers state that it was be remarkably similar to the original game, but slightly altered and evolved to better represent the atmosphere.

Difficulty modes were discussed, but not confirmed.

Famitus will snag more info later this week.  Check back later for more details.

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3DS Promises GameBoy & GameBoy Color Titles on Virtual Console

Super Mario Land anyone?

Nintendo has announced that there will be a number of Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles available for 3DS Virtual Console at launch.  So far, Super Mario Land is the only one confirmed, but we will hear more about prices and game titles as they become available.

I’m just thinking…  I could have all Pokemon Games on one handheld console.  OH PLEASE SANTA NINTENDO.  WE HAVE ALL BEEN VERY GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS.

Source:  Destructoid

Bizzare Studios to Close

Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars, and Blur’s developer isn’t in a good situation.  Unless they find a potential buyer quickly, Activision will be dropping the developer faster than you can say “DOH'”.

“This decision comes after a few months of exhausted examination of a number of different options across the board. We of course care about this team…  We’re offering the studio as many resources as possible, including counseling, external placement services and external career fairs.” says Activision Worldwide Studios COO Coddy Johnson.

No offense…  But how about they cut about 3% from the COD franchise and give it to these developers.  Then they could stay in business for another 3 years!

[Note:  There is no mathematic basis behind this.  It is mearly a note of sarcasm and humorous rage.  Note was given because of wanting to maintain professionalism and not desiring to be called out on it.  Thank you, and have a great day!]

Source:  Destructoid

Mass Effect 2 PS3 [The Good, The Bad and the Ugly]

The Good:  Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 has hit shelves!  Not only does it come with all the downloaded content from the Xbox360 version, but it also has an updated engine and graphics!  I mean, what more could you ask for?  The $60 price seems like a lot, but this is MONTHS of enjoyment awaiting you.

The Bad:  Mass Effect 2 has one heck of an install time.  Gamers are reporting up to 52 minutes for JUST the main game, not including the extra content.  While some people are stating that having more free space can speed up the process, it’s still one heck of a time investment.  I suggest running it before you go to bed.

The Ugly:  Looks like the gaming reviews are being a little more than critical on the game.  IGN especially is being more than evil to the PS3 platform. That’s not what is so aggrivating.  It’s that the gaming journalists are ADMITTING that they haven’t completed the game and are reviewing solely on a few hours of gameplay.  Fair and balanced opinions.  They should go join FoxNews.

Source:  Examiner EuroGamer

14 Year Old Kid Creates Hottest iOS game

Well, goes to show you that age isn’t everything!

Robert Nay, a 14 year old, has developed the latest and greatest app for iOS compatible iPhones/iPods.  Bubble Ball, which revolves around building a path to get your ball to the goal.  Bubble Ball recently dethroned Angry Birds, so you know it’s got to be something pretty good!

So what were you guys doing at 14?  What ARE you doing at 14?  Get off your duffs and get to work!

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