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Castlevania DLC ‘Reverie’ delayed for 360

Some of you may already be playing the latest’s DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow…if you own the PS3 version of the game. “Reverie” was released for the PS3 last week, but the Xbox 360 release of “Reverie” has been lagging behind. On their official fan page on Facebook, Konami gave word that the “Reverie” DLC has been delayed for the Xbox 360 because of a last minute issue. They mentioned that they hope to have the problem cleared up soon, but didn’t mention anything about a new release date as of yet.

New Child of Eden Kinect Commercial

Child of Eden received its first full length commercial yesterday premiering on GameSpot. This appears like the type of game that could really push the boundaries of Microsoft’s Kinect to new ways of using the device. Admittedly, using your hands to manipulate in-game sounds and playing fields sounds pretty cool. To bad, for Microsoft, they didn’t have this in Kinect’s release line-up.

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Nintendo Download for North America

Does playing with a friend’s face sound like an enjoyable twisted pleasure to you? Well then you’ve probably already checked out Faceez in the DSiWare library. Now, with Faceez: Monsters!(200 points), you can add a whole new level of nasty to your best friend’s mug. Perhaps you want something more mature? Check out Simply Solitaire(200 points), or the demo for Dart Rage.

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2 Million Copies of Pokemon Black and White Sold in Two Weeks of Sales in the US

If you had thought that the Pokemon wave had died long ago, you’d be wrong. Both Pokemon Black and White games have been out in Japan for a few months now but the two titles were just released on March sixth (two weeks ago) in the US. Together, the two games sold 2 million copies in two weeks. 2 million copies is an impressive number for a game title’s first few weeks of sales, but what makes this more surprising is the fact that six months earlier with the initial Japanese release of these game, the number of copies sold were over 2 and a half million the first week of sales. With these kinds of numbers, these furry little creatures may well live long enough to captivate the next generation of gamers.

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Diablo III Gets a Little More Manly


In case you missed the announcement last week, Blizzard revealed, not a new class but, a new gender option for that class. The Demon Hunter class (formerly only playable as a female character) will now be available to play as a man. Blizzard has released some concept art, as well as some gameplay footage of the male Demon Hunter showing off some of the abilities of the class on the Diablo3 Blizzard home page. If you haven’t checked up on this title in a while, you should. The game looks to be shaping up nicely, though be forewarned—the release date is currently end of 2011.

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Trine 2 ‘Alluring Adventure’ Gameplay Trailer

The developer Frozenbyte (the creator of the first Trine game) has released a new trailer showing off some gameplay footage of Trine 2. According to Frozenbyte, the trailer shows only in-game material; so, what you see is what you’ll get out of this sequel to a comfortably successful title.



Not only does the gameplay look better than the first Trine (as far as graphics and creative stage settings go), but Frozenbyte has decided to incorporate a few interesting mechanics into the puzzle aspect of the game. They also appear to have implemented a host of new mobs, as well as including online and offline co-op.


If the first Trine raised your eyebrow in the least, do yourself a favor and check Frozenbyte’s community page that lists trailers for Trine 2.


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