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Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 – Part One

It’s a double review this week from me, as I take a look at the two shooting heavyweights – Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I’ll be looking at both the single and multiplayer and seeing just how well they stand up, but first – the Campaign gets my attention before I go for the multiplayer. Let’s dive in.

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Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time Retro Review

The recent throwback to last-generation games got me thinking of other games I loved in my childhood while I was growing up. Then I remembered my first game that was in 3D, as in you could move in three dimensions. Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time – it’s time to jump back in to see if time has served the game well.
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Why Do G.I.R.Ls Exist?

This seems like a silly question if I said it out loud, but the above acronym extends to the meaning “Guy in Real Life”, which gets – from what I’ve seen – a lot of negative attention as they are seen as weirdos, scammers or trolls. However, this can be rather unfair as girls who play as guys get little negative light in comparison. So today, I’ll be giving you examples that prove that there exists some positive reasons as to why guys decide to play as girls in an online game.

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Pokemon Gray Website Domain Registered

Reports have flooded in of the rumoured remake of Pokemon Black and White, tentatively titled Pokemon Gray getting it’s own website domain registered.

Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum are the rumoured special editions predecessors and are what is hinting heavily towards Gray being the fifth. The domain was registered by Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services. Melbourne IT DBS was the same company that registered the name for the official Pokemon Black and White website also.

With no official statements as yet, it is yet to be seen whether this is a measure to stop someone squatting on the address, or an announcement over Pokemon Gray is due in the upcoming months.

(Source: IGN)


US and Europe Release Date for Vita Confirmed (Update)

Jack Tretton last night confirmed at the Web 2.0 summit that the PSVita will be released in the US and Europe on February 22, 2012.

With only two months to wait from Japan getting it, this gives a chance for Western audiences to watch the reaction to how the Vita handles before deciding to get it themselves. Tretton confirmed in earlier reports that the Vita would miss the Christmas season, a good time of selling games and game-related memorabilia.

The price is set to be $250 for the Wi-Fi only version, with $300 for the Wi-Fi+3G (AT&T) variant – no prices for other countries at present, with the other named countries getting a release being Canada and Latin America.

Update:  Pricing for multiple countries have been revealed. The basic model will €249.99 (RRP), £229.99,  AUD$349.95, and NZD$449.95 in their respective regions. The 3G model will be €299.99 (RRP), £279.99, AUD$449.95 and NZD$549.95 in their respective regions.

(Original Source: CNet)
(Update Source: PlayStation Blog EU)

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Review

He’s covered wars, he’s covered the Willamette zombie attack, and covered why there are pictures of him in a dress, Frank West is back in a re-imagining of the events of Fortune City, with new missions, new weaponry and a new camera. Was this a good idea, or shameless cash-grabbing by Capcom?

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Twisted Pixel Bought by Microsoft

The team behind ‘Splosion Man and his girlfriend Ms. ‘Splosion Man, Twisted Pixel, now belong to Microsoft after they were purchased in a deal recently.

The news broke on Major Nelson’s Blog, welcoming the former Indie Company to it’s ranks, following such companies as Rare and Lionhead Studios to promising exclusivity to the 360. This is potentially the first step in the XBLA and PSN becoming two distinct offerings, rather than oddly similar markets, with more and more exclusives coming out for both consoles.

Twisted Pixel, who were also responsible for The Maw, and GunStringer, have not mentioned what games they have in the works for their new bosses, but time will tell just what they can bring to the XBLA table.

Team Bondi Facing Closure

Ever since L.A Noire was released, Team Bondi, the guys and gals who helped Rockstar make the game, have been hit with scandals, shocking allegations of working conditions and how staff are treated, but now it seems they will be closing their doors forever.

All the paper work for getting the money owed to the creditors have been handed into the Australian Securities and Investments Comission, including a liquidator. The International Game Developers Association were keeping tabs on the team following credit omissions and other mistreatment of staff, but with them looking to not see Hallowe’en, let alone Christmas, any further punishment and investigation may be dropped.

This will not effect the PC port of L.A. Noire, which is being done by Rockstar Leeds, with the copyright of the game laying with Rockstar themselves, so a sequel is also still possible.

(Source: Gamespot )

Nintendo of Europe: “Promote Xenoblade, Win Last Story or Pandora’s Tower”

With Xenoblade Chronicles being met with a smile and warm welcome into European gamers Wii’s, news that will delight the American supporters of the game, Nintendo of Europe have decided to use that as a push for the other two games that have been the focus of Operation: Rainfall.

Embracing the Let’s Play community with a competition entitled “Let’s Play Xenoblade Chronicles” , Nintendo have asked players to create a video showing something the player really enjoyed, like a sidequest or area, or something along those lines – one person wins a voucher for both Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, while the four runners up gets a choice of which one they get. The contests is for those sixteen and over, finishes on October 18th and can be found here.

The contest does show that NoE really want all three games to do well, especially with Reggie stating that they were watching Europe carefully. If the momentum keeps up, then the organisers of Operation: Rainfall may yet be claiming a success.

(Source: siliconera)

David Cage Gives Views on Why His Games Don’t Sell in US

David Cage, creator of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit (Depending on your region), has stated that the American marketing teams are not interested in anything that lacks guns and guts.

Cage, in a recent interview, said that as his games are not what the percieved target market likes. Heavy Rain, much like all of Cage’s games, was rather cerebral, and is more about analysing a story, and choosing the right path. Explaining his theory, he said the following:

“The games I make don’t include a gun. Very often, American marketing departments have a problem with this. They have this image of their market being gun-loving rednecks. It’s completely wrong.”

This does follow the trend, as Cage’s first two games were renamed for the US market, and it is easier to make an appealing advert for a game with lots of explosions and guns rather than an atmospheric, story-telling game. Is Cage right, or just making excuses?

(Source: Develop )