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Flash Game Blog, Week 3

Hey, Blackduck here with the big ol’ week three!

So far, this game is going great! Much better than I thought it would turn out. I didn’t work on it this week as much as I wanted to, but
it’s ended up still being quite productive. So to start off, there’s actually a candy you can run into and battle. I haven’t even touched the battle
system, so that’s still the same.

But when you win a fight, you go to this new screen, showing how much exp you got from the candy and the equipment it dropped! It’s all functional
except the inventory, so you can feel free to equip those items. Although when you level up you get skill points, you can’t use them yet.

You also can’t see the name/type/whatever of all the equipment, nor do you get stat bonuses from them, but it’s all in good time.
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Shaymin available to North American Pokémon Platinum players

Starting on the 28th of September a new Mysterious Gift appeared for Platinum players. Oak’s Letter triggers the ability to find and capture Shaymin on Route 224.

The procedure is fairly simple. First, if you haven’t done it already for the Secret Key, you must unlock the Mystery Gift option by following the steps on the included leaflet in your game case, and talk to the Jubilife TV Producer. When you select that option from the title menu you will receive Oak’s Letter over your WiFi connection. Once picked up from the postman at the nearest Pokémart you will want to head to the exit of Victory Road. Make sure to have the Surf, Waterfall, Rock Climb, Strength and Defog HM moves in your party, then find the path to the right of the last area of Victory Road which should have been opened after defeating the Elite Four.

Move through the caves, then to the edge of Route 224 to find Oak in need of your help. You’ll find yourself face to face with a level 30 Shaymin ready to be caught. What about the Sky Forme though? Well make your way to Floaroma Town with your new Shaymin in your party and a woman on the main path will hand over the Gracidea Flower. Use this key item to transform to Sky Forme, though it will change back at night, if frozen, deposited in a PC or traded.

Note that there is a lot of time, but this Mysterious Gift will no longer be available after November 8th. Read all the details on the page set up for Shaymin at the official Pokémon Platinum Version website.

[Edit: European players also have access to this gift, and likely other regions.]

Flash Game Blog, Week 1

Hey, Blackduck here with something new and interesting for you guys!

Every Sunday (even though this one is late) I will be making a post about progress on Flash games that I make. Starting this week, and ending I don’t know when (probably depending on if you guys like this), Now, this doesn’t sound that interesting right now, but that does mean you guys will be able to make suggestions to the games I make via the comment system, and it will also mean that there will be lots and lots of playable stuff, probably one thing per post, at least.
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TSG Versus: Mario Kart winners

Sorry to have taken so long, but I have finally gathered up all the participating names, and drawn them at random for our three available prizes! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you everyone who watched. That was a fun night, and I can’t wait to have another, though I think I’d rather someone do that playing.

Anyone else sick of Mario Kart for a while?
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TSG Podcast Episode 14

Sorry for the month long delay. The Final Fantasy Marathon really set us off schedule. In this episode we talk about that marathon, and the Mega Man Marathon at the end of this week. We’ll should get back to more gaming news and impressions in the break leading up to Halloween.