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Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack

Remember the days when we would hear new and exciting music from video games? Games like Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and Crazy Taxi helped define not only our generation but the console generation. When we go look back and replay those games they call back times of arguments, frustration, but also fun…pure unadulterated fun. The issue with these games is the music only provided one isolated mood which stopped these games from being dynamic. Granted they weren’t designed to make you feel a connection to your character, but when I drive a taxi into the ocean and drown to death I expect The Offspring to fade out instead of blaring in my ear regardless like Bane from The Dark Night Rises.

Then along came GTA III, IV, and now V, with their massive music libraries where even the snobbiest music enthusiast can find something they enjoy. These games showed us just how big a role music can play in immersion and mood in a game. They should be held as the pinnacle of music in games.

Now for a few side notes: I’m strictly speaking about the implementation of musical artists in video games, not their score or original soundtrack.

The vast library of musical eclecticism comprised in GTA 5 is spread accross 240 songs, the playlist below holds 179 of those tracks:

WARNING: May contain inappropriate language.

If you want the complete listing check it out here:

On Local’s Mind: “Improvements”

As you may know we have a very handy anonymous survey available. Once you have been working on and with TSG as long as I have, things start to become blurred and you can’t tell what needs to be improved anymore, and sometimes you over improve things causing it to be not user-friendly. Now I count on you guys to tell us what you think we should improve, and here are my responses to some of your suggestions.
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Mega Man Route TSGs

Hey guys, well I decided to finally finish uploading all the Route TSGs we have available to the Route TSG Youtube channel.

For those of you who don’t know what a Route TSG is, it’s basically a player recording their run of a game they played in a marathon while explaining why they chose to do certain things within the run. You can view it as a Let’s Play if you want, but it’s focused less on the tidbits about the game and more about the speed running aspect.

We have a couple Mega Man Route TSGs available if you want to watch them in preparation for the Mega Man marathon in March:

Route TSG Episode#4 – Mega Man 9 (Played by Oscar)

Route TSG Episode #6 – Mega Man X8 (Played by Kilgard)


On Local’s Mind: “Pokemon Marathons and Stuff”

The marathon is coming up real soon, and we’ve heard some interesting ideas from the community as to stuff we could do during the marathon. We’ve also heard back from quite a few sites in our marketing effort that will be supporting us. There may be a huge event in our future, that involves panels and cosplay…but not in the way you might think.
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On Local’s Mind: “…Donkey Kong”

I’ve been helping with TSG for 4 years now. Crazy, I know. We’ve come so far from the days of our little blogspot site. It’s nice to reflect and realize you’ve had a ton of fun while also getting to helping people. It hasn’t always been easy; there have definitely been some rough times. I can safely say that 99% of it has been great, though. Here’s to four more fun and charitable years! Here’s a funny video to commemorate. Now onto business…
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On Local’s Mind: “Powerful Tiny Fists”

We want to start writing things on the blog that are relevant to TSG and to you guys, our audience/supporters. Why do you usually come to Probably to watch us do silly or, if you’re Baltes, sometimes dangerous things all in the name of charity. When that’s not happening, what reason do you have to visit the blog? You probably get your gaming news/reviews from other sources…and typically our views are no different than the other 5 million reviews you can read. Maybe you guys really want to read about us and/or what’s going on with TSG. So, that’s the kind of direction this series will be formatted.
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Decision on ads

It has been decided to try and monetize the site. It’s been something we’ve often discussed, but always decided against because we thought that it might alienate our supporters, plus we didn’t want to seem trashy. That’s still our concern, but that reality is that we’re not receiving enough revenue from the ads or the store to keep up with maintaining the site.

We know most of you use ad blocking software, and we do wish that you guys would disable such software to help us out. The current ads on the blog are per click, excluding Fangamer which is per sale. Soon we will try to get per impression ads, which would lead to more revenue.

Now the revenue we do make will always go directly back into supporting TSG. First it will be used to pay site costs, or upgrades (aka new forum software). 😉 Second is prizes for contest, giveaways, or other events plus shipping costs for prizes. Running TSG is pretty costly, and often times we have to dig into our own personal funds to support TSG and keep it running, which is obviously unsustainable.

I want to thank you for your continued patience and support.

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Forum taken down by DMCA Complaint – UPDATE

Earlier today our forums were taken offline by Dreamhost because someone filed a DMCA complaint. The person filing the complaint claimed he owned the rights to a specific piece of content posted in our forums by a member of the community. The content is question was a list of leaked perks for the upcoming game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

At this time we do not believe the individual who filed the complain is part of Activision, nor do we think he owns the rights to the information. We plan to file a DMCA counter-notification against the party. We could easily remove the content and therefore enable the forums faster, however, since we are not infringing on any rights, we want to take a stand against these sorts of actions.

With that said the forum will remain down while we sort this out. The blog will continue posting news and original content as usual, but you will not be able to post comments on the articles until we resolve this matter.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience the downtime may have caused.

(Update after the break)

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