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Was Operation Rainfall a Success?

With the announcement of The Last Story coming to North America, Operation Rainfall’s work appears to be almost done. Their third and final objective is Pandora’s Tower, which is launching in Europe about the same time North Americans will get their hand on Xenoblade Chronicles. On the surface it appears their grass roots movement has been a success: Operation Rainfall supporters made their presence known to Nintendo and pushed Nintendo with American fan power to get the titles out here… right? Honestly, I have a feeling NoA hardly considered Operation Rainfall and its supporters when making their decision. Chances are, they were thinking about Europeans.

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Turn Back the Clock on Zelda’s Overworlds

When Zelda fans get their hands on each new entry in the series, there are a lot of things they tend to expect to return from the series’ past. Whether they be minor aspects like the chime that plays when you solve a puzzle or open a treasure chest, the dungeon-item-boss formula, a large arsenal of both combat and puzzle oriented weapons, and so forth, it’s something that fans don’t really like Nintendo messing with too much. Nintendo, complying with this, is extremely mindful of that, putting a strong emphasis on returning staples of the series, arguably more so than they should be. But there’s one very important aspect of the series that seems to have been downplayed over the last 10 years or so – The overworld.

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Resident Evil Revelations Demo Impressions

There’s something that’s been missing from the Resident Evil series as of late – That building tension while you edge around each corner and slowly pace yourself down each hall, taking in every aspect of your environment to predict what will jump at you next. It is a feeling that not many titles seem to be able to live up to. The Resident Evil franchise is seemingly focusing more on Chris’ big manly muscles and action sequences than actually working to create a chilling experience. The trailer for Resident Evil 6 doesn’t calm my fears either, but Resident Evil Revelations looks to be giving us a glimpse of where the series could have gone if Resident Evil 4 was taken in a more conservative direction.

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Swapnote Has Changed 3DS

Despite having a fairly blegh launch, the 3DS has sprung back quite a bit. We now have some quality retail releases on the market, like Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 as well as some downloadable titles like Pushmo and Mighty Switch Force!. But even outside of simply actual game releases, there have been a lot of improvements to the system itself through a couple of pretty significant updates. While a lot of this content is definitely appreciated, nothing has come quite as close to transforming the system as Swapnote has. While easily mistaken for deviantArt if you have NicoCW on your friends list, this seemingly minor application has changed what it means to own a 3DS.

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TSG Staff Picks of Last Generation: Multi-Platform

The PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox have some fantastic exclusive releases, but there are plenty of titles you can enjoy across a variety of systems! In this final last generation entry of TSG Staff Picks, we look at some of the staff’s favorite titles that you can experience across two, three or even four platforms, if you include PC releases.

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TSG Staff Picks of Last Generation: Xbox

The Xbox may be most well-known for being the first real step toward the modern online console service, and a franchise that reads “olah” when spelled backwards. But there are a lot of other quality titles found on the platform. Many of Xbox titles went hand-in-hand with a PC version, so in this entry we’re making the exception of allowing Xbox/PC titles instead of simply exclusive or timed exclusive software.

Hit the jump to find out what titles were picked out by TSG’s staff as some of the best for the platform.

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TSG Staff Picks of Last Generation: GameCube

The Nintendo GameCube was a little bit purpley, a little bit lunch boxy, and a lot of awesome. While many claim the PS2 and Xbox dominators of the market, Nintendo’s GameCube arguably had the strongest exclusive library of them all, with plenty of first party releases and its fair share of third party exclusives.

The TSG Staff look at some of their favorite titles for the platform, hitting a variety of first and third party exclusives.

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TSG Staff’s Picks of Last Generation: PlayStation 2

This November marks the tenth anniversary of when the console wars for last generation truly began in North America. This month 10 years ago, both Xbox and GameCube hit the market to take on the PlayStation 2 which had just defeated the Dreamcast, sending SEGA out the console door. We’ve compiled some of TSG’s staffs favorite games for the last generation of platforms, giving them a quick moment to talk about their favorite titles of last generation.

This first week we’ll be tackling PS2 exclusives, or at least titles that originally launched as PlayStation 2 exclusives.

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Kirby Mass Attack Review

Like the 3DS, the DS didn’t exactly have a fruitful line-up at launch. Most titles were your typical launch titles or experiments to learn how to use the touch screen. Kirby Canvas Curse was one of the first original DS titles that gamers could truly say was an stellar experience on the platform. Now that the 3DS has been out for seven months, the DS is slowly but surely working its way out. It’s almost fitting that Kirby would also be one of the last titles for the platform, but can Kirby provide the same bang the end of the DS’ life that it gave the DS’ birth? Continue reading Kirby Mass Attack Review