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Zelda Delayed but other events to come!

Last week we decided to delay our week long summer marathon “Zelda Hyrule vs Lorule 3” until Summer 2021. Our marathons rely heavily on travel and being in spaces with many people that not only include TSG members but also hotel attendees and staff. For everyone’s safety and financial situation we want to give our attendees time to cancel their flights and arrangements.

HOWEVER, it’s not all bad news! We will be doing a 72 hour Mario Marathon from July 17-20. This event will function similarly to our marathons from 2008-2010 where we will have local volunteers play and commentate as well as volunteers who will play and commentate remotely.

In addition to this event we will be hosting another marathon that begins on May 1st called “TSG Generations”. This marathon will focus more on remote play, highlighting our staff and community members. We will create a schedule in blocks based on what generation the games came out. The first generations of video games will be scheduled at the beginning of the week, progressing to the more modern games to close out the marathon. The length of the event will depend on the amount of volunteers we get. One of our goals is to relay the stream continuously for as long as we can.

The TSG Generations and the Mario Marathon will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. All of our events can be viewed on . Stay safe and see you all in the chat!

Zelda MArathon July 17-23 2020 for St. Jude

We will be hosting Zelda: Hyrule vs Lorule 3 starting on Friday July 17 at 6pm central and going for over 145 hours until Thursday July 23. You will be able to watch and chat with us live on as we raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We are currently preparing a lot of different antics and prizes to try to push us on our quest to reach $1,000,000 raised for charity. We are currently over $850,000. In between our marathons be sure to hang out with us in our discord, or stay up to date will all things TSG on our twitter, . SEE YOU IN THE CHAT!!!