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Goal met, fun had

Aiyoh, I’m exhausted. I thought this marathon would be a breeze compared to our week long Final Fantasy marathon but I’m still beat.

What a great summer we had with you guys. I’m proud of our community that continues to grow and do amazing things for society.  I guess us gamers aren’t so bad after all, huh?

Our Halloween marathon starts Octobers 30th and lasts 48 hours. We will be playing the Resident Evil series and currently you can vote on the cause we are gaming for in the forums.

Mega Man Marathon details

TheSpeedGamer’s Mega Man marathon to raise money for begins Friday August 14th @ 6pm cst and will last 72 hours. A live game feed will be broadcast right here on our site alongside a commentary feed and chatroom.



To keep things interesting we’ve decided during the evening hours to commentate outside in light of the cause we are gaming for.

Many great prizes will be given away to viewers and donators. Mana potions is supporting us again by giving the top 3 donators (6pack combo Mana/Health, T-shirt, Wristband, Mousepad) and top 3 runner-up donators (4pack Mana/Health, wristband) for the event.

Click “Read the rest” to see which Megaman games we will be playing and who will be playing them. Continue reading Mega Man Marathon details

Final Fantasy Marathon details

TheSpeedGamer’s Final Fantasy marathon to raise money for ACT Today begins Friday July 17th @ 6pm cst and will last one week (168 hours straight!). Final Fantasy 1-12 will be played with no tool assistance. A game feed will be hosted here on our site alongside a commentary feed and chatroom.

Many great prizes will be given away to viewers and donators such as various artwork by Anatotitan, cactuar and chocobo plushies from Skeletor1991, a mouse pad from Ruju, Gwellin will be giving away an album and tee shirt from Video Games Live along with a Tidus (FF10) figure.

Games (in play order) and players

Final Fantasy I:Kilgard (Completed in 6 hours)
Final Fantasy II:Local (Completed in 22 hours)
Final Fantasy VI:Cross Warrior (Completed in 6 hours and 20 minutes)
Final Fantasy V:Phil
Final Fantasy III:Gwellin (Completed in 25 hours and 30 minutes)
Final Fantasy VII:Dustin (Completed in 24 hours)
Final Fantasy IX:Daniel L. & others (Completed in 28 hours and 30 minutes)
Final Fantasy VIII: Baltes (Completed in 23 hours and 59 minutes)
Final Fantasy IV: BlackDuck
Final Fantasy X: Rob & others
Final Fantasy XII: Britt & Chase

Final Fantasy XI will be played by an honorary participant “Nobody X” who has a form of Autism so the cause is very close to her heart. She will begin streaming the morning of Friday July 24th. There will be an extra feed showing her progress through the game.

Metal Gear Marathon Details

Metal Gear MarathonStarting on June19th @ 6pm CST and lasting for 72 hours, we will play through the Metal Gear series in order of storyline live on webcam. No charities are involved in this marathon but that won’t stop us from giving away great prizes! Our next marathon for charity will be the Final Fantasy marathon starting on July 17th for ACT Today (Autism)
June 19th not only marks the start of the Metal Gear marathon, but also the grand opening of TheSpeedGamer’s Store! Profit from the store will go towards server and website fees, prizes, ect.
Confirmed games to be played (more games will be added, be sure to check back!)
In order (except Twin Snakes):
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Ghost Babel
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Metal Gear Solid: Twins Snakes

If we finish the series before the 72 hours expire, which is expected, we will play through the games again until the 72 hours is filled.If you are not familiar with the way we do our marathons, here’s a brief description. A live video feed can be seen here on our website,, with a  commentary cam complementing the gameplay. A chat will accompany the video so you communicate with us and our other viewers.

Note: Cutscenes will not be skipped, we feel this is the best way to represent the series.