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Kinect Causing Newfound RROD?

Is the terrifying “Red Ring of Death” on the rise again?  BBC and Xbox forums seem to think so.

“I just got the Kinect for my xbox 360 (one of the original ones) with only 4 mg memory. I installed the update software that came with the system, went through the kinect calibrations and when I went to play the game [the] system froze. Tried this multiple times and got red ring of death (3 rings),” says a member of the Xbox Forum.

“Same thing happened to me. My non problematic 2008 360 pro got RROD after playing kinect 2-3 times (with light use),” said another disgruntled Xbox forum goer.

BBC Radio caller  stated “We plugged [Kinect] in the day we got it but only played it a few times before we got the red lights…  The next day when we tried it again we still had the red rings of death and haven’t been able to use it since.”

Microsft, however, states that there is “no correlation between the three flashing red lights error and Kinect. Any new instances of the three flashing red lights error are merely coincidental.”

Mere coincidences or  massive conspiracy cover-up?  You decide!

Source:  1up

Flash Game Blog, Week 7

Hey, Blackduck with the complete game!

Finally, after all those weeks of working on this game, it’s finally done! You can find it at and while you’re there, feel free to rate it 5/5, favourite it, and spread the word! If you want me to change anything in the game or whatnot, feel free to tell me now. But you’ll probably notice that the spells are now fully functional, there’s no more lag, and the game is fully completed!

Also, I need to know if you guys are interested in me continuing to blog about progress and flash games and stuff, because if nobody reads this or whatnot, then I might as well stop. Please don’t say “Keep on going” just because you want to make me feel good or anything, comment with the truth!

Flash Game Blog, Week 6

Hey, Blackduck with the delayed week 6!

Luckily for you guys, this was delayed for a reason! This game now features 8 maps with 6 unique types of enemies. I also fixed a lot of subtle bugs, that you guys probably didn’t notice. I also pretty much doubled the termite’s speed, but with all the lag this game causes, it doesn’t look like a big difference. If you forgot how to play, you can read through the handy instructions for explanation, then departure on your sacred quest! Although the game isn’t done yet, you can get all the way to the house. After that, there will only be 4 maps, 1 including the boss map, so the game should be done soon! That’s a good thing, since this game has to be done by the 31st. So when that happens, you guys will be able to play the real deal!
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Flash Game Blog, Week 5

Hey guys, Blackduck here again with week 5.

Well, there’s only two weeks left. I was hopping to get a lot of work in throguhout the week, but my power supply got fried by a power surge. Luckily, I got that fixed by Saturday! So I still got a good amount of work. My progress for this week was very artistic. The first thing you’ll notice is the intro! That was a pain to make, but I got it all down, and it looks great! (in my opinion). I also finally got around to add a little loading thing that you don’t even notice because it’s amongst the black frames in the Neptune Productions thing. It doesn’t look like it does much of a difference, but it does, trust me. I also finished making all the attacks/spells and stuff, so now the fighting system is complete. Something awesome that I did, which you probably also noticed quite quick is the music! Not he best soundtrack, but I made it all myself. Lastly, the termite looks a bit more termite like.
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Flash Game Blog, Week 4

Hey, Blackduck here as we end week 4.

I probably didn’t work on Termites as much this week as I would have wanted to, but I’ve done some painful copy pasting action this week, which I’m glad to have put out of the way. First of all, I finished every drawing that I needed! Not really that big of a task, because I was only missing a few. What was a big task is making the inventory! That’s right, the inventory is now fully functional, so if you want to carry something with you, but you don’t want to equip it, you’ve got a handy 5 slot inventory. I also made that when you put your cursor over and item, it tells you it’s name, stat bonus, description and who it’s named after, which is quite fun to read. Lastly, I made that equipping stuff actually gives you stat bonus, such as increasing armor/strength/brain/life.
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Flash Game Blog, Week 3

Hey, Blackduck here with the big ol’ week three!

So far, this game is going great! Much better than I thought it would turn out. I didn’t work on it this week as much as I wanted to, but
it’s ended up still being quite productive. So to start off, there’s actually a candy you can run into and battle. I haven’t even touched the battle
system, so that’s still the same.

But when you win a fight, you go to this new screen, showing how much exp you got from the candy and the equipment it dropped! It’s all functional
except the inventory, so you can feel free to equip those items. Although when you level up you get skill points, you can’t use them yet.

You also can’t see the name/type/whatever of all the equipment, nor do you get stat bonuses from them, but it’s all in good time.
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Flash Game Blog, Week 2

Hey, Blackduck here for week two!

So, I’ve pretty much only been working on the termites games, but with great progress. Even though I didn’t make any intro movie, let alone make instructions, I have done other things that are equally great, or better.

So for starters, you now see the Neptune Productions thing along with a play button and the name of the game. Also, a very awesome thing I did was add a “name your character” with every letter, symbol and number my keyboard has! Your name appears in fights and in the pause menu. Maybe it’ll make an appearence in dialog if this game gets some!
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Flash Game Blog, Week 1

Hey, Blackduck here with something new and interesting for you guys!

Every Sunday (even though this one is late) I will be making a post about progress on Flash games that I make. Starting this week, and ending I don’t know when (probably depending on if you guys like this), Now, this doesn’t sound that interesting right now, but that does mean you guys will be able to make suggestions to the games I make via the comment system, and it will also mean that there will be lots and lots of playable stuff, probably one thing per post, at least.
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