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You Asked For It! Squint’s Earthbound LP

You know, Squint and I talked a lot before the Mario marathon. He had a ton of questions and he wanted his first marathon appearance to be good! When to get there, what kind of run to try, how to talk on camera, where to stay, etc. He’s a good guy and he wants to do things right. And one thing I stressed during those conversations was “don’t say anything bad about Earthbound.

Well we all know how that turned out, don’t we?

As a peace offering and a donation incentive, he offered to do an Earthbound LP if we got $1,000 over our goal. After all, he should give the game a fair shake, right? And hey, he might even learn to love it!

So here we go! Follow Squint’s journey through smiles and tears with EARTHBOUND: THE LET’S PLAY. OR LET’S PLAY EARTHBOUND. ONE OF THE TWO.

Follow along in his quest, and join in on the forum thread! Let’s cheer him on as he gets through one of the best games ever đŸ˜€

Let’s Play Spotlight: TheBrakAttack

Just like the title says this weeks Let’s Player Spotlight is on TheBrakAttack! He is a long time member of our community known as Trust, Me I Got This.

I wanted to Spotlight TheBrakAttack because I checked out his LPs and I really enjoy them. That plus he has an awesome accent that makes him sound like Rust so there’s another plus!

His current LPs are Pokemon Emerald and The Simpsons Game. Embedded below is the first episode of his Pokemon Emerald Let’s Play so feel free to check it out and if you like his style please subscribe and support him!

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Let’s Play Spotlight: JohneAwesome

As the title says our first Let’s Play Spotlight is going to be on JohneAwesome. For those who don’t know what the Spotlight is check out my old post HERE for more details. There were many people that were all possible candidates for the Spotlight and what it came down to was basically just randomly picking one.


I checked out JohnAwesome’s LPs and I gotta say I like his style. I definitely think he is a Let’s Player worth checking out. Here is a look at his application and below that is an embed of his first episode of his current Let’s Play Paper Mario.


YouTube Channel:

Finished Let’s Plays: Super Mario World, Megaman 2, Kirbys Adventure, Megaman 3, Pokemon Yellow

Current Let’s Play(s): Paper Mario, Super Mario 64, Castle Crashers

First TSG Marathon: The Mother Marathon





The Let’s Play Spotlight is an attempt for TSG to start helping out our community who has done so much for us. We hope that you check JohneAwesome out and subscribe to him if you like his videos.


If you are interested in being spotlighted in the next Let’s Play Spotlight fill out the application in THIS post and send it to If you have already filled out an application before then don’t worry you do not need to resubmit it. You can resubmit if you want to because maybe the info in your old application is now outdated or just because you want make sure I haven’t lost your old one. Resubmitting will not hurt you in anyway so don’t worry.


Feel free to leave comments and questions below =)

Let’s Player Spotlight

Hey TSG Community! This is Chase and I am excited to announce something new we are going to try called the “Let’s Player Spotlight.” The purpose of this is to pick a Let’s Player within our community and post them on our front page. I have not decided on how frequently we will be spotlighting people. There will be a different Let’s Player each spotlight.


We have decided to do this in attempt to show our appreciation to everyone who has helped us grow into what we are today. We know that not everyone in our community are Let’s Players but none the less we recognize the impact that the Let’s Play community has had on TSG and we want to help out those that we can.


If you are a Let’s Player and are interested in being spotlighted on our front page check out the application below!

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