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New Fangamer Shirts for the Final Fantasy Marathon! $10 Goes to St. Jude!

Hey guys! We’re thrilled to be working with our friends at Fangamer again to offer some great Final Fantasy-themed shirts for our marathon!

If you CLICK THIS LINK, you’ll be taken to a page on the Fangamer website with our three shirts: Cactus Run, Floral Fantasy (t-shirt), and Floral Fantasy (women’s tank). Each of these shirts cost $24, but $10 from EVERY SALE through July 20 will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during our marathon! This is a great way to donate to charity while still getting something for yourself, and we can’t thank Fangamer enough for this opportunity!

As a bonus, these shirts were designed by our very own Space Coyote, so be sure to thank her yourself on Twitter!

TSG’s Final Fantasy Marathon 2017: Pixels vs. Polygons begins THIS FRIDAY, July 14, at 6pm CT at! 100% of the donations received will go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and we’ll extend the marathon for a full 24 hours if we can reach $30,000 in donations by the end of our auction on Wednesday, July 19! We hope you tune in for our most exciting event of the year!

FanGamer’s Kickstarter off to a great start! Over 29k raised!

Our friends over at Fangamer have gotten off to a great start with their Kickstarter project. Fangamer has been a huge part of why our marathons have been so successful. They have donated the proceeds of many of their products to the charities we have gamed for as well as Camille Young supplying us with great auction pieces which have raised thousands of dollars for our causes.

Learn more about their retrowear  project on their Kickstarter page:

Be sure to check out their hilarious and informative video:



Pk Fire Sale

From Fangamer’s newsletter:

PK Fire Sale!

“Steve slayed the backlog-monster, but we unintentionally oversold some shirts — Chronometer, in particular, was very popular at the convention. We need to reprint several other items as well, but funds are a little tight.

With that in mind, we’ve devised our first-ever PK Fire Sale to clear out some old stock (especially women’s sizes!) and get things rolling again. You can get 10% off $25+ with the coupon FIRESALE-ALPHA, 15% off $50+ with the coupon FIRESALE-OMEGA, and the first 50 people to use either coupon get a free Patch Pack!

On top of that, we’ve discounted some of our older merch like Flinter, Pandora’s Happy Box, the Punk Boards, and EB9X. Combine these discounts with the coupon and you’ve got a rare chance to get a pretty incredible deal on some merch! Just remember, the PK Fire Sale will last for less than a week, so you’ll need to move quick if you want to snap up the few popular sizes we’ve got left over!  ”

Mega TSG shirts are available now!

The Mega TSG shirts have arrived and are available to buy for $16 at

Anatotitan did an incredible job on the design.  They really get me pumped for our upcoming Mega Man marathon!

Strut around and show your TSG pride with TSG man on your chest.

Make sure to “Read the rest” to see images of the design.

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Pin Set #1 now available

After a little delay TheSpeedGamer’s pin set #1 is now available in our store. After the first set sells out (50 available) we will move on to set #2 and five more designs, so make sure to get set #1 before it sells out! Proceeds cover server cost and other TSG fees.

A pin set cost $5 with $2 shipping in the U.S and $3 anywhere else in the world.

Click “read the rest” for more images

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Pin Set #1

As a fan of, I got the idea of selling pin sets.  Soon the TSG store will introduce our very first pin set. I think they will work well with the TSG community considering all the inside jokes and “shenanigans” as Ninboy would say, that goes on during our marathons.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a pin design. The forum member’s pins we will be using are Anatotitan, Iheart_Absol, Kitsu and Letifer. Take a look at the awesome job they did.

pinet#1 copy

Details and sidenote after the break…

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FanGamer Merch inspired by Metal Gear

Support TSG! Preorder a Bag!

We (TheSpeedGamers) have partnered up with Fangamer (the guys behind to help promote their new bag inspired by Metal Gear Solid. A portion of the bag’s profits will go to us (TheSpeedGamers) so make sure to pre order today! If you purchase a bag or shirt before June 8 you will receive a custom-engraved keychain with your order.

Pictures and FAQ after the break.

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