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New Music: MGMT – Congratulations

While this may not have it’s place on a gaming blog, I can certainly relate it to TSG. Many of you may remember Baltes coming down for last years Final Fantasy marathon, but what you may not remember is his ringtone which went off, it seemed, constantly. Well that infamous ringtone was a fairly common one at the time, being one of a popular song by MGMT, called “Kids”or “Time to Pretend”, I don’t remember which song he used…either way it was an MGMT song off their first major label album Oracular Spectacular.

That’s how it relates, now what I’m really trying to tell you is they are coming out with a new one. However, since it was leaked early MGMT decided to make it available to listen on their website. Check it out, like it, buy it…do whatever.

Let me warn you though if you liked Oracular Spectacular, don’t expect much of the same here. There’s no prominent “Kids”, “Time to Pretend”, or “Electric Feel.” My personal favorites on the album are “Siberian Breaks” and the title track “Congratulations”.