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TSGWritecast Episode 3

After much delay, we finally have TSG Writecast episode 3! This is the podcast where the TSG bloggers stop typing and start making sounds that coincidentally sound like words. This episode me, Oculin, Dagfari and Luigi110 take a more leisure approach as we get back into things, talking about what we’ve played and a couple of spot light titles.

The podcast itself, unfortunately, took awhile to get prepared, so it’s little over a week old. There were some audio issues (totally not my fault, maybe)  so apologizes for some awkward moments, in particularly my voice. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to get an audio version up, so Youtube ho! Once I figure out how to upload an audio version, I’ll definitely post it up.

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Cosmoid Interview’s Nnooo

I know what you might be saying, I have never heard of Nnooo, and that is a darn shame. Nnooo is a DSiware and Wiiware developer based out Sydney, Australia and while they haven’t done much yet that would get the attention of gamers like us they are planning to release two pretty interesting looking games soon.


Spirit Hunters is coming to DSiWare and is an augmented reality game, similar to the ARcards for 3DS, where you attack spirit’s you find in the world, level up, and progress by capturing them for study. escapeVector is coming to Wiiware and has a lot in common with the arcade classic Qix. In Qix you have to surround sectors of space to capture them, the end goal being to capture the entire board all while avoiding enemies. Both games are also planned for a 3DSware release in the future as well. Check out the Interview after the jump.


Gaggin’n Gamin with Cosmoid Next Thursday

Hey guys Britt already showed this video on the stream, but I wanted to promote the currently ongoing vote on the forums that will decide what games I will be playing next Thursday. Check out the link to the forums and if you want to vote you have to sign up, but in the end you will get to reap the benefits that are the amazing TSG community.

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TSGWritecast 2 Coming At Your Faceholes!

In this second episode of the TSGWrite cast Phantomarauder is missing and Localretard fills in. Slow week for video games so we talk about Jellybeans,Soap,Movies,TV, and a little bit of games. As for the songs in this episode the first one is Twin Peaks Theme from the Twin Peaks soundtrack and then we go to Thanks Mario, but our Princess is in another Castle by The Mountain Goats & Kaki King and after that Rococo from Arcade Fire off of The Suburbs in honor of their Grammy win, and finally we end with a remix of the ending theme from Pee Wee’s Playhouse by Brian Ellis that you can hear here. Also stay tuned or just skip to the end if you get bored because after the ending song we have a special surprise from Oculin to You.


TSGWritercast Episode 1

He guys, all of us writers got together and made a podcast. I dunno why, we thought it would be cool. At this time we do not have any opening music or a good name. Also Phanto accidently recorded the whole skype conversation so if you ever hear some echo it’s cus I forgot to cut out a bit of his audio.

The podcast this week of 2/7/2011 has a new segment where we talk about Dark Soul’s, Anarchy Reigns, and more. There is also talk about Radiant Historia from Atlus and a discussion about the 3DS and the NGP. We close out with the game we have been playing the last week.

Here is the music I used this week Platform by Shogu Tokumaru, Rise of the Albatross from Bionic Commando Rearmed, Pac Avenue from Pacman CE DX, and Last Dinosaur from The Pillows off the FLCL soundtrack.

Download here by right clicking and selecting save as. Sorry I don’t have an RSS or Itunes set up yet.