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Mega Man Route TSGs

Hey guys, well I decided to finally finish uploading all the Route TSGs we have available to the Route TSG Youtube channel.

For those of you who don’t know what a Route TSG is, it’s basically a player recording their run of a game they played in a marathon while explaining why they chose to do certain things within the run. You can view it as a Let’s Play if you want, but it’s focused less on the tidbits about the game and more about the speed running aspect.

We have a couple Mega Man Route TSGs available if you want to watch them in preparation for the Mega Man marathon in March:

Route TSG Episode#4 – Mega Man 9 (Played by Oscar)

Route TSG Episode #6 – Mega Man X8 (Played by Kilgard)


Route TSG Episode 4: Mega Man 9

Oscar has always been given the task of doing the tougher 2-d games during our marathons.  In August Oscar played Mega Man 9 for us and did a spectacular job.  In this episode Oscar will take you through his thought process and give you tips on how to conquer the unforgiving Mega Man 9.

For the rest of the run click “Read the rest”

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Route TSG Episode 1: The Legend of Zelda

Route TSG is video/commentary of the routes we took in our games during the marathons. In Episode 1 Britt plays through the Legend of Zelda (NES).  Note that on level one if you enter and exit the dungeon, the first room will magically become unlocked.  Not sure why I forgot this during my run.  Also, I’m not sure why my audio came out the way it did, I’ll that also.

for part 2, 3 and a youtube link, click “Read the rest” (later episodes will be split into only 2 parts on vimeo)

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