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Rumour: 3DS Circle Pad Add-On Revealed? (Update)

With the Tokyo Games Show coming up, it’s no big surprise that rumours are flying around – however, this one appears to have a lot more weight behind it than most, with a picture appearing of what seems to be the attachment for the 3DS’s second analog stick.

As seen in the picture below, the image was revealed in Famitsu this week, showing the addition being a clip on cradle that also adds some shoulder buttons. There are high hopes that this will help the 3DS against the Vita with Monster Hunter series producer Ryuji Tsujimoto stating that it is indeed a “secret weapon”

Take a look, and see for yourselves whether it’s a mock-up, or completely legit under the more banner here.

(Source: Siliconera )

Update: Kotaku has revealed a little more about the add-on, with the add on being more a cradle for the 3DS, and blocks the game slot and wireless switch, so that will be taken off to switch games every time. It’s being called ugly, and potentially one of the ugliest pieces of Nintendo Kit…What about the Virtual Boy?  Everything else seems to be unblocked though.

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Rumor: Four More “Nintendo Selects” Games On The Way

If you’ve been out of the loop for a few months, Nintendo recently revived their “Player’s Choice” line of games. They’ve given it a fancy new logo and a new name, Nintendo Selects. Nintendo Selects are Wii Titles which are lower than the normal price point.

Currently the only titles for Nintendo Selects are

  • Animal Crossing: City Folk
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (North America)
  • Mario Strikers Charged Football (Europe)
  • Mario Super Sluggers (North America)
  • WarioWare Smooth Moves (Europe)
  • Wii Sports

You can pick these badboys up for $19.99 USD (Only applying to the titles released in North America)

There’s talk of four more titles becoming Nintendo Selects status. The rumor states that Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Galaxy will be making their way in August.

That’s not a bad selection of games either, although Mario Strikers Charged is already in Europe. It’ll be nice to see these games at budget price, especially since a new copy of Super Paper Mario is still like $40 at Wal-Mart.

Keep in mind this is just a rumor at it’s current state, we will keep you updated if information is subject to change.


Rumor: NoA Hates You, Me and Xenoblade, Plus Special CCPro for France

Me post time. In case you didn’t already know, Nintendo of Europe is localizing Xenoblade for a release later this year, rumored to be September. With a European localization in the works and Nintendo of America registering the domain name for Xenoblade Chronicles, it would seem likely that a North America release would be on the way. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

GoNintendo reported that Nintendo of Europe intended on showing the the title off at E3, but said Nintendo of America didn’t want to show case games they didn’t plan on selling, which would point to no localization.  But, if you follow the source, it links back to a forum post only claiming what that the lead France branch manager said something about it on the TV show No Life.  Therefore we don’t have a direct quote to say if the information wasn’t skewed. But honestly, I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo of America after Disaster: Day of Crisis, Another Code R, Last Window, Band Bros. etc.

The bright side to all this is, supposedly, Xenoblade Chronicles is getting a special Classic Controller Pro in France. We’ll have to see if that applies for other regions in Europe as well. Also, there was no mention of it being bundled with the title, but I’d assume it would be.

All of my rage, Nintendo of America. All of my rage.

Rumor: Xbox 360 Successor and TimeSplitters 4 to be Revealed at E3 2012

Wii U pretty much claimed the E3 prize, even if the show was a little uneventful compared to past years. But, according to Video Gamer, Microsoft might be already planning a big boom for E3 next year. A “high-ranking industry source” within Crytek claims that Microsoft is planning on revealing the successor to the Xbox 360 at E3 next year.

The same source claims that Crytek will be producing TimeSplitters 4 for “next generation consoles.” Supposedly a select few were able to see the title behind closed doors at E3, and it is being built on the Cry 3 engine.

The same source also claims that, from what he has heard, Sony is in the back of the pack in terms of their next generation console development. So they may be the last to market.

A rumor, and I’m sure by next years E3 we’ll probably have forgotten about it. But who knows, maybe it will show up.

Rumour: The Last Story Coming To Europe

Hands up if you know who Mistwalker are? No? They’re the company behind Lost Oddysey and Blue Dragon, two rather spectacular RPG’s that were released on the 360 a few years back. It’s been radio silence from them since a second sequel for Blue Dragon on the DS, however a UK Nintendo Rep recently said that European Wii owners could expect to see their latest, so far Japanese exclusive offering, The Last Story, somepoint in the future.




For those unfamiliar with The Last Story, I don’t blame you – details are rather scarce, as you’d expect with Japanese exclusives, as to the plot and setting, though the game is a third person, cover based RPG – using crossbows in a similar fashion to most cover based shooters. While nothing official has been announced from Nintendo Global Headquarters, it would be strange to have a game released in the UK before the USA.



Rumor: NGP Specs Downgraded

Sony’s PSP successor is definitely an impressive little machine, basically putting a PlayStation 3 in the palms of your hands. The platform was loaded not only in a technical sense, but with tons of features as well. At the end of the day, it all sounded expensive and Sony didn’t have a price for us. According to’s source, Sony realized that the price may be a little too high.’s source claims that the NGP will have have reduced RAM and internal memory than originally intended to try to reduce the price of the system. The source claims that the 512MB of RAM will be reduced to 256 MB, and that the 16GB of internal memory has been removed in favor of cheaper external memory.


Again, this is a rumor so it is in no way confirmed, but this kind of move would be a double-edged sword. On one side, fans will be mad because of what would have been in the system will no longer be, and others will be glad that the system is being dropped down to a more affordable price.  If it is true, hopefully this move pushed the system to a competitive price range.


(Translation Source: 1Up)

Rumor: Japanese Director Working on Ace Attorney Movie?

The Ace Attorney series has seen a couple of adaptations outside of  a game form. Both a Japanese play and a manga have been created based off the series. Now the title may be seeing a movie conversion.


Takashi Miike, director of Ichi the Killer, made mention of his next project in an interview Huffingtonpost at the Cannes film festival. Takashi said, “it is a very light comedy that I am filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS.” It’s hard to imagine it being anything else other than Ace Attorney, unless it is some other random court room DS game. But I’d say Ace Attorney would be the safest bet.


Who knows how far along the project is or if it will ever see light of day. Until then we’ll just have to harass Capcom about localizing the sequel to Ace Attorney Investigations.


(Via: Kotaku)

Rumor: PlayStation Store Relaunching May 24th

PlayStation Network is back up, but PlayStation Store is still down. While Sony hasn’t given us an official date yet, they may have already revealed the date to developers. Gamasutra heard from an inside source that Sony has sent out a memo to PSN developers, letting them know that the service will be back up starting May 24th.


According to this memo, content will be rolled out every few days to catch up with the schedule. Reopening of the store will include content intended for April 26th, followed by content that was intended for May 3rd on the 27th.  More updates will come May 31st and June 3rd, which will put the store on back on schedule. Some content will be prioritized. For example DLC already available on other platforms.


It will be good to get everything back to normal again after nearly a month of the service being down. Sony will be offering a welcome back package to PlayStation Network members. This package gives members an option between two PS3 and two PSP games, including titles like Little Big Planet (PS3 and PSP), Infamous (PS3), and ModNation Racers (PSP). You can check out the full list here.

Rumor: PSN Back Online for Game Developers (Update)

PlayStation Network has been down for over three weeks already. And as of right now, Sony isn’t giving us any insight on when the service will be up. But we could be getting closer to the possible revival of the service. Rumor has it that PlayStation Network is already back up, but just for developers. The consumer would be the next logical step. Rumors are rumors of course, especially since it traces back to a poster on NeoGAF.


Although the rumor does seem likely. PlayStation Network was scheduled to go live last week, but Sony had to delay it. Unless there has been another major issue, I’d assume the service is likely to go live soon. Then again, we’re already near the end of this week.


PlayStation Network’s outage has had an immediate effect on digital content developers. Recent reports suggest that European retailers are now starting to feel the effects as well. The report claims increased PS3 trade-ins for 360s, a drop in PSN pre-paid card sales, and consumers shifting to Xbox 360 versions of software.


Try to make this outage not last a month, Sony.


Update: Giant Bomb’s sources also confirm the network is back online, but is currently only allowing the restoration of PSN accounts, not creation.

(Via: Game Informer)

Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Next Month

A Call of Duty game this year? Unbelievable! But PlayStation Magazine’s teaser makes it seem likely that we’re about to get the third entry in the Modern Warfare series.  As you can see, the magazine shows a massive “3” in Modern Warfare font, with the text below saying “The biggest game in the world returns.”


After Modern Warfare 2, many developers left Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward, founding Respawn Studios. Actvision has since filled out the team again, although whether or not this title is from them or Sledge Hammer Games is unknown.


(Source: Push Square)