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TSG’s Mario Marathon 2015 Gaming Schedule!

Friday 7/17:
6PM – 7PM Mario 1 (Phil)
7PM – 8PM Mario 2 (Toast)
8PM – 2AM Super Mario RPG (Wazuki)

Saturday 7/18:
2AM – 6AM Mario Kart 8 (Group)
6AM – 9AM Mario vs DK Wii U (Rob)
9AM – 2 PM Mario Land 1, 2, Wario Ware
2PM – 10PM Mario 64 Relay (Group)
10PM – 2AM NSMB Wii U (Ana, Squint, Toast, Space

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Sonic Concludes and Mario Preparations Begin

The Sonic marathon has sadly concluded as all of our guests have made their way back home (minus Nitram, holdover for the Hobbit viewing party). I had a really fun time and the community was great. We raised just under $4,000 for the Rocking H Ranch. Thank you for the time and effort that you all have put into TSG.

We are going to quickly move on to planning our next marathon which is the week long Mario event, July 17-24. We have a lot of time to plan so I think this event has the potential to be very successful. Our first meeting is going to be either in the second or third week of January. My goal is to give the community monthly updates on the planning stages for Mario. I will post the updates on our youtube and website. There will also soon be a planning topic so that we can start working on the schedule and all the other fun stuff that goes into a marathon.

Thanks again!

Batman minithon, Team TSG and Wallpapers!

We’ve knocked out 2 of our minithons (Kirby and Golden Sun) and we are getting close to our 24 hour Batman event which starts at 6pm central on OCT 31. Currently we’ve raised about $2,500 for ACT Today during this minithon series and hopefully we can crack $3,000 during Batman.

During the Golden Sun event some of our streamers mentioned the “team” feature that Twitch has and they wanted me to look into it for TSG. What the team features does is allows us to create a hub for all other community members to stream and it makes it easy for other community members to watch each other and build an audience. I contacted twitch and they responded very quickly and set us up with one.  Take a look:

Now I want to make a suggestion and I would like for everyone’s input. I think that we should make the page redirect to our team page. I think that by doing this our community can build their own channels up. The community can now use the team page as the place to go to find fellow members streaming and to hang out. This will also free up the main channel exclusively for marathons, minithons, and community events. Now, I want opinions on this first before we put this into action.  So if its clear that this isn’t something that the streamers and the community as a whole want, then we don’t have to go this direction. I think this will have a positive impact though and it will allow for our community streamers to increase viewership on their own channels while also giving the community a place to find a variety of community personalities. Please leave your thoughts in our forums or on this blog post.

Before I sign off I wanted to share with you guys some great TSG wallpapers and high res shirt design images that were made by Rust:

<3 You guys, talk to ya’ll soon!


Community Night! Saturday Aug 16 @ 6pm central: Mario Kart 8

This Saturday we will be hosting a Mario Kart 8 community night for everyone to take part in. The idea behind community night is to set aside a time each month for the TSG community to get together and play games. We will be streaming this event on Saturday August 16th starting at 6pm central and  I (Britt) will be hosting this month.  We have all made a lot of friends through TSG and I think events like the community nights give people the chance to hang out and have fun. To play in the community night, register my Wiiu ID:TheSpeedGamers and make sure to be in the chat at when the games begin!

For a list of upcoming community nights, minithons &  marathons, be sure to take a look at the TSG 6 month outlook post.

Pokethon Wrap Up

Pokemon 2014 is a wrap! The TSG community raised over $32,000 for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. We have such a great team and community and it truly does take us all to produce these events. One of the many highlights was having Nob Ogasawara take part in the marathon. The items he gave us to auction off were amazing and raised over $4000. What we especially enjoyed were the great interviews. We loved Nob’s insight and humor. He had the room laughing constantly during both of his interviews.

Up next for us is our 24 hour Kirby Minithon which will take place in August. We will finalize the dates very soon. We also announced our next year’s week long event through a live skit. We will be playing Mario for our one week summer marathon in 2015. Also keep in mind, to end this year we will be doing our very first 72 hour Sonic Marathon on Dec. 12.

Be sure to chat with us on our forums! See you all soon 🙂

Pokémon Marathon Details!

The Pokémon Mararthon is getting very close and we have a lot of details, challenges and exciting news! Our event will begin on Friday June 20th at 6pm central US and will last 168 hours continuously, ending on Friday June 27th. The entire marathon will be live streamed on You can watch us catch all of the Pokemon live and chat with us as we play. We will be raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as we try to catch em’ all!

On the promotion front, we will be receiving a huge boost. In no particular order, the following sites have agreed to partner/promote us during our marathon; Bulbapedia, Serebii, and Marriland. Also, we will have a special guest from join us for a commentary shift. We are still seeking out new partners to help promote us for the event. Any promotion that we can receive will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to get in contact with us, please email .

We also have a great set of prizes and auction items. The English translator of the Pokemon series (Gen 1-4), Nob Ogasawara, has sent us a signed Silver Gameboy pocket that he used to translate Pokemon red, Blue and Yellow, signed boxed copies of Red and Blue (donated by Kairamek), signed playing cards and stickers.

We have decided to do 5 cut-throat auctions spread throughout the week. The first auction will be our marathon banner. It will be auctioned on Friday June 20th @ 8pm central. 2nd auction Signed copy of Pokémon Blue on Saturday June 21 @ 7pm. 3rd auction Signed copy Pokémon Red on Sunday June 22 @ 7pm. 4th auction 2 sets of signed Pokémon playing cards and stickers on Wednesday June 25th @7pm central. To conclude our marathon we will auction off the signed Gameboy Pocket on Friday June 27th @ 5pm central.

Prizes will be given away throughout the marathon for chat participation, promotion, fan art and other activities. We have a variety of prizes such as Ash hats, Pokemon games, toys, coasters cards, T-shirts and more! I will be doing a detailed video log of our prizes soon on .

Our biggest week long event was the Pokémon marathon in June 2012 , which we raised approximately $60,000. We narrowly caught them all and now we have the added challenge of even more Pokémon. We want this event to be our biggest both in terms of fundraising and challenge. During our past Pokémon marathons our goal was to simply catch them all and complete the Pokedex, but for this event we would like to try the “living Pokedex” challenge. Here’s the definition from the Bulbapedia page; living Pokédex is a fan term for a game which not only has a complete Pokédex, but has one of every available species of Pokémon stored in its PC boxes as well, usually in their National Pokédex order. It follows the most literal interpretation of the slogan of the series, “Gotta catch ’em all!“.”

We are going to set 6 stretch goals for each generation of Pokémon. Every time we meet a stretch goal, we will complete that generation’s “living Pokedex”. Stretch goal Gen #1 will be at $20,000, Gen #2 $30,000, Gen #3 $40,000, Gen #4 $50,000, Gen #5 $60,000, Gen #6 $70,000.

We will open donations soon so that viewers can lay claim to Pokémon names. Non Legendary Pokemon will be $20 each. Legendary Pokemon names will be auctioned about 30 minutes prior to them being caught and starters will cost $50. It will be first come first serve and there will be a system in place where you can check to see if the Pokemon is available to name. More details will be available soon on TSG.TV.

We hope that with these added challenges, great partners and prizes that we can make this our biggest week long event.

Thank you!

Indiethon Success!!! Pokethon June 20-27

Indiethon was a great event for TSG. Approx $520,000 was raised and 88,000 bundles were purchased. Thank you to everyone who made this marathon so successful and to the developers that took part. We made a lot of great friends and contacts and we would love to do a Humble event again in the future. Speaking of the future, our next event is already close. Our week long Pokemon marathon starts June 20th and will last an entire week continuously, ending June 27th. We will attempt to catch all 700+ available Pokemon. Keep checking back here on, and twitter @thespeedgamers for more updates. We will also be updating our Youtube over the coming weeks.

Thank you