Prize Details!

Hello everybody,

I’ve tried to figure out the best way of doing the prize system, and this is what I have come up with. During each session (session being the time between the start of a game and the ending) everyone who e-mailed us during that session will be put into a drawing for that specific session. No matter if you send us 1 email or 100, you have the same chance of winning. After the completion of a game a name will be drawn and announced using a randomizer program. That means any one person can have a total of 7 chances to win if you send us an email during all 7 sessions. In the emails you don’t need to say anything in particular like “enter me in the contest”, you’re automatically entered. We would simply like you to speak your mind, say whatever you want, ask whatever you want. Please do not use multiple email accounts! You can email us multiple times on one account, we encourage that and would love your feedback; just don’t use multiple email accounts to enter more than once in each session. If you get caught doing this we will have to disqualify you from the drawing. The prizes are sent both via Mail, and also through Nintendo’s Shop channel gift system. This prize give away is a worldwide event, not limited to America. I’m not real sure on how the Virtual gift system, works..I’m hoping I can send Virtual console games to everyone, I’ll do some more research and report my findings. The Prizes and shipping are paid for by us, all donations are going to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


(Session 1: The Legend of Zelda) : The Legend of Zelda, Virtual console
(Session 2: Zelda II The Adventure of Link): Zelda II The Adventure of Link, Virtual Console
(Session 3: Zelda A Link to the Past) Zelda a Link to the Past, Virtual Console
(Session 4: Zelda Ocarina of Time) Zelda Ocarina of Time, Virtual console
(Session 5: Zelda Majoras Mask) Special edition Majoras Mask, real copy sent via mail
(Session 6: Zelda Windwaker) Large SpeedGamers T-shirt, sent via mail
(Session 7:Zelda Twilight Princess) Nintendo Power Glove, sent via mail

Note: We will send the winners an email asking for shipping information on March 18th or your Wii friend code depending on which prize you won. (Wii friend code is needed to send virtual console games)

If you have any questions send us an email at


Youtube Promos

Recently we received an email from a guy named Geoffrey who offered his support and asked if he could make a youtube video promoting our event. We were flattered by his offer and graciously accepted. Without further adieu, here’s his Promo!!

Also, Luke (primary host and promoter) of TheSpeedGamers, who you will come to know starting March 14th, has also made a promo. I Britt, (one of the gamers) helped record the clips via emulator, take a look:

Thanks to both you guys! Awesom Job. If anyone else would also like to make a youtube promo, send us your video and we will post it on our site!

Heres a heads up for everybody,prize details will be revealed Monday!


Quick Update

Hi guys,
Thanks for all your support and mail. Just wanted to keep everybody up to date and let you know that we will be releasing a youtube promo soon, one made by us and another made by a supporter. Also, a full list of the prizes and prize details will be announced within the week. All prizes will be paid for by us, and WILL NOT be taken out of the donations. 100% of the donations we get will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

We would also like to thank Will D’angelo again from Thewiicast has spread the word tremendously and brought us many supporters. We cant thank Will enough.
TheSpeedgamers would also like to give a big thanks to for posting a story about us. They have also help spread the word greatly. All in all we have received viewers from over 20 countries now!

Lastly, we will be putting out a flyer soon that you will be able to download from our website. Any help speading the word will be appreciated. We’ve had one viewer named Tommy from California who printed out over 100 copies and posted them in his school, awesome Tommy.

Thanks again everybody, until next time!

UPDATE: We’ve had a couple requests so we will be putting up the donations link early (upper right hand corner of the webpage). Remember, you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, need to donate to watch us or enter any of the drawings for prizes, so don’t feel any obligation to do so. Everything is completely 100% free. If you’re Zelda fan that would like to simply watch 72 hours of Zelda, feel free to kick back and enjoy.
We are going to send all the donations to St. Jude on March the 18’th, that way we can total all our donations to see how much we have raised (We will keep everyone updated on our donation amounts as they come in).100% of all donations will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


The Wiicast

We want to thank Will D’angelo from the Wiicast for helping promote our event on his episode released today. We really appreciate what he did for us.

We are talked about in the viewer mail portion of his show(about the 30 minute mark of the episode). I myself have been a viewer since episode one, its been really cool to see how his show has evolved.

His website is which has weekly episodes ranging from 20-35 minutes long featuring reviews, viewer mail,Virtual console pick of the week,news and rumors. He also has his own forums which has a nice community of fans of both the show and the wii. If you’re gamer you should definitely take a look.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Hey guys, after all the emails we’ve decided on a cancer foundation of our fans’ choice. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been the majority of suggestions thus far. This is a great foundation working hard to find a cure for the unfortunate amount of children who have been diagnosed with cancer. We appreciate all the feedback about the choice! Thanks fans, keep the emails and questions coming in! 😉

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Hey guys, after all the emails we’ve decided on a cancer foundation of our fans’ choice. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been the majority of suggestions thus far. This is a great foundation working hard to find a cure for the unfortunate amount of children who have been diagnosed with cancer. We appreciate all the feedback about the choice! Thanks fans, keep the emails and questions coming in! 😉

Donation Decision

After thinking awhile on the topic of donations, I’ve came to a conclusion. At first I didn’t want to take any donations to avoid any controversy. I had a change of heart and have decided that since we are going to be gaming for 72 hours straight we might as well do it for a good cause. The next decision was what charity should we donate to? First of course I thought of Childs Play because gaming and Childs Play go hand in hand…no brainer. But then I wanted to think for a little bit longer before I took a leap and announce a charity. After a couple of minutes I knew exactly where the money would go. You will be hard pressed to find anybody who cancer has not affected their lives. Going through the list of people involved in the marathon triggered the idea initially.Two of the three possible hosts have lost very close family members due to cancer, and I personally would not be able to handle mentally what they have had to. Furthermore, several of my close friends that won’t be doing the marathon, I’ve also seen affected in ways I couldn’t imagine. I know it’s not just my friends who have had to deal with cancer, in some way or another everyone has, sadly some much more than others. All these reasons contribute to why we will be donating to a cancer foundation. I haven’t specifically decided which one we will donate to, suggestions would be helpful. Join us on Friday March 14, 2008 @5 pm CST to watch us take on the Zelda franchise and also to help raise money for a good cause. Email us at

Heres our official “Gaming For Cancer” ribbon

P.S~For more details stay tuned(bookmark us), see also our previous posts.
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More details on the 72 Hour Zelda Marathon

Well, looks like most everything has been set, now the wait begins….
Here is what we have decided.
-The marathon will begin Friday March 14 @ 5pm Cst and end Monday March17@5pm Cst.
-3 web cams will be used to keep traffic minimal and to prevent lag for viewers. All the audio will be from the same source so that you can here the host clearly. The 3 web cams will give you different angles while all including a view of the host and the game being played.
-3 gamers will be completing 7 games in 72 hours. Heres the list of games again.
2d Zelda’s:
(NES)The Legend of Zelda (Virtual Console)
(NES)Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (Virtual Console)
(SNES) Zelda: A Link to the Past (Virtual Console)

3d Zelda’s:
(N64) Zelda:Ocarina of Time (will be played on the N64)
(N64)Zelda: Majoras Mask (will be played on the N64)
(Gamecube) Zelda:Windwaker
(Wii)Zelda:Twilight Princess

-3 hosts (not the same 3 who will be playing the games) will be reading through emails and keeping things interesting.
-We will be giving out Zelda games and merchandise to a few lucky people who email us. Upon completion of each game a name will be drawn. That means a total of 7 chances to win.
-Donations..we most likely wont be taking donations. If theres a charity you would like for us to game for, Email us at and we will consider.


Beating the Zelda Franchise in 72 hours

Me and a couple of my friends have decided to take a shot at beating all the Zelda’s (excluding the gameboy versions and the crappy panasonic versions) in 72 hours. The list includes
2d Zelda’s:
(NES)The Legend of Zelda
(NES)Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link
(SNES) Zelda: A Link to the Past

3d Zelda’s:
(N64) Zelda:Ocarina of Time
(N64)Zelda: Majoras Mask
(Gamecube) Zelda:Windwaker
(Wii)Zelda:Twilight Princess

We will make our attempt around the 10th of March(2008), thats when our spring break starts.
More details and an exact date will be in the days to come. All 72 hours will be displayed live via webcam with full audio.
Also, we are interested in maybe at some point in the future tackling other series such as Metroid Prime,Mario..ect..Depending on the success and interest of our first attempt.

If you have any questions email us at