We have several great prize packs scheduled for this year’s Mario Marathon for ACT Today! In total, we have four prize packs to raffle off and one auction! Additionally, we’ll have two prizes to be given away via Twitter!

Prize Packs 1-4 will be given away through raffles. Donate a minimum of $5 during the marathon, and you will be entered into the raffle for a chance to win one of the prize packs.

The Grand Prize Auction is a cut-throat auction. Viewers will donate for bids that stack, and all money goes to ACT Today! (even if you don’t win the auction). Viewers can either donate for themselves or to help out someone else that’s in the running, making auctions a team effort!

Twitter Prizes 1 & 2 will be given away in various (donation-free) ways through Twitter scenarios during the marathon, so stay tuned for details!

Thanks to Sades, we are raffling off a Nintendo Switch during the marathon! Visit after the marathon begins to get your raffle entries!

The prize schedule is as follows:

  • Prize Pack 1 – Saturday, December 16 at Midnight CT
  • Prize Pack 2 – Saturday, December 16 at 6pm CT
  • Grand Prize Auction – Saturday, December 16 at 8pm CT
  • Twitter Prize 1 – Sunday, December 17 at 12pm CT
  • Prize Pack 3 – Sunday, December 17 at 6pm CT
  • Twitter Prize 2 – Monday, December 18 at 12pm CT
  • Prize Pack 4 – Monday, December 18 at 6pm CT

Prize Pack 1 (Saturday, December 16 at Midnight CT)

  • Set of Four Super Mario Odyssey Perlers
  • Mario Knit Keychain
  • Set of Three Posters (Mario, Luigi, Peach)
  • Baby Mario Stylus
  • Super Mario Odyssey Hat
  • Sades Headset

Prize Pack 2 (Saturday, December 16 at 6pm CT)

  • Set of Three Boo Perlers
  • Mario Knit Keychain
  • Kamek Plush
  • Baby Luigi Stylus
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bag
  • Sades Headset

Grand Prize Auction (Saturday, December 16 at 8pm CT)

  • Signed Mario Marathon Banner
  • Set of 3D Perlers
  • Green Wooly Yoshi Amiibo
  • Mario Puzzle
  • SNES Mini (European Body, 1 European Controller and 1 North American Controller)
  • White Mario Shoestrings
  • Sades Headset

Prize Pack 3 (Sunday, December 17 at 6pm CT)

  • Silver Mario Amiibo
  • Yoshi Backpack
  • Monty Mole Plush
  • Mario T-Shirt
  • Pink Yoshi Plush
  • Sades Headset

Prize Pack 4 (Monday, December 18 at 6pm CT)

  • Set of Mario Enemy Perlers
  • Diddy Kong Kart K’nex Set
  • Super Mario Odyssey Hat
  • Mario T-Shirt
  • Yellow Mario Shoestrings
  • Sades Headset

Twitter Prizes 1 & 2 (Sunday, December 17 and Monday, December 18 at 12pm CT)

  • $10 eShop Card

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