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Mass Effect 2 PS3 : “True” Version

Welp, it looks like Mass Effect 2’s developers are showing their love to PS3 fans.  By love, of course, I naturally mean a meanhearted exclusion towards 360 users.

Mass Effect 2 will shortly be launching to the PS3, with the Mass Effect 3 engine and updated graphics and a few minor bonuses.

“Being that the PS3 is coming out over a year later, we wanted to make sure that we added a lot of benefit to the people who waited,” says producer Jesse Houston. “One of the first things you’ve going to see is improved graphics. We actually created the engine for Mass Effect 3 and used that to make Mass Effect 2PS3. So we took the content, the story and all the other assets that made up Mass Effect 2 and put it into the Mass Effect 3 engine. And that’s what we’re actually delivering.

“This really is the true, best version of Mass Effect that we’ve released to date.”

The fact that I just got into the Mass Effect series and sunk $40 into both games makes me more than a little irked that the PS3 is getting such a better deal with graphics and gameplay.  Heck, they should have waited until AFTER the year was over and make a universal GOTY edition for both versions, because we all know it’s coming.

Source:  Destructoid

Axl Rose Filing Lawsuit over Guitar Hero 3

Yes, I said Guitar Hero 3.  Yes.  THAT guitar Hero 3.  The old Guitar Hero that everybody has long since forgotten about!  The Guns and Roses lead Axl Rose is filing a lawsuit against the developers of Guitar Hero 3, stating that they violated a contractual agreement by including Slash as a character and offering Velvet Revolver songs as downloadable content.

Apparently, the developers fell under a contract that by having Slash as a character and offering certain songs has somehow made a connection between his prior involvement with Guns and Roses, and helps to bring more profit to the Velvet Revolver band, when the contract explicitly stated that only “Welcome to the Jungle” would be permitted.  In lawyer-speak:  The contact breaking “exploits the prior association between Slash and Guns N’ Roses, promotes Slash’s and VR’s (Velvet Revolver) separate interests and includes VR tracks as available downloads, all of which was and is directly contrary to the contractual obligations of Defendants…,”

So now they’re bringing up the issue several years after the game has been offering said services.  Makes me wonder what the legal department of the music industry is doing to ignore such a blatantly obvious contract break.

Source: Joystiq

Marvel VS Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds : No Demo Version

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Strategic Planning Vice President Christian Svensson [on the Marvel VS Captom division] has announced that there will NOT be a download demo of the upcoming title.

Svenson also announced that there will be down-loadable characters for a small fee.  While most gamers are quuk to rise up in anger over teh subject of paying full retail price for a game, and getting nickel and dimed on the extras, Svenson stated that “DLC is part of the business model these days given the massive costs of production and can be the difference between a profitable product and an unprofitable product.”

My many condolences to the TSG fighting game thread viewers and contributers.

Source:  Joystiq

“Reviewers Aren’t Gamers” – Peter Molyneux [Fake]

It seems as though Peter Molyneux isn’t too thrilled about Fable III’s mixed reviews.  Or so it seems, anyway.

Molyneux was “caught” having posted a rather slanderous remark towards the world of video game reviewers stating: “Can everyone please just ignore the reviews about my new game please. Reviewers are not real gamers, they don’t play my games properly.”

You should notice that I posted “Fake” as the title of the post.

This is more or less to inform you that the Twitter account that posted this was a fake, and several gaming media outlets reported it as true, and I’m merely reporting this to inform you about this.  It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t believe everything that Twitter says, especially when the account is petermolyneux2.

Source:  gamernode

Early Gamestop Christmas Marketing? [Free God of War III]

Getting to the pitch a tad early, Gamestop is pulling out a really nice marketing scheme for gamers everywhere.  With the purchase of a new, used or refurbished Playstation 3, gamers will net themselves a free copy of the hit game God of War III.  Seeing that the game is a high dollar value, and if you’re in the market for a PS3, it’s not a bad deal in the least!

The current Gamestop PS3 pricetags are as follows:

Playstation 3: 80 GB – $349.99

Playstation 3: 60 GB – $269.99

Playstation 3: 40 GB -249.99

Playstation 3: 20 GB – 299.99

Maybe a good time for some early Christmas marketing of your own?

Souce:  TheGameHeadz

Quake 3 Arena May FINALLY be Coming to XBLA (And Possibly PS3)

In 2007, ID announced that Quake 3 Arena would be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Flash forward three years and the game STILL isn’t out.

However, the game has recently been seen on OFLC Australian ratings board website, meaning we might be able to play Quake 3 Arena Arcade soon. Surprisingly, the game is listed as “multi-platform,” meaning we may see the game come to the PS3 as well.

A PS3 release would mean the ability to use a mouse and keyboard for the game, something that a lot of players would surely appreciate.

(Source: OLFC)

Going Beyond The Call “Of Duty” : Fallout 3

As a gamer, I always wish to try new and interesting things, and as a writer, I wish for you to experience many different types of columns.

The experiment:  Play/buy a video game that I know NOTHING about and have zero prior experience with.  Write about my experience and how I would rate the game/story/series!  Profit?

In this week’s edition, we head into an alternate future, after the apocalypse and all of mankind is hanging on a thread.  That’s right.  Fallout 3?

Is this just another pathetic first person shooter that will bore me in hours, or was there something more?  Check it out after the jump!

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First Resistance 3 Images Surface

After much anticipation, we’ve finally gotten some images from Insomniac’s upcoming Resistance 3. We haven’t seen much of the game since it was revealed at Gamescom through a trailer.

Insomniac had promised that there was “more to come” and they definitely kept their promise. In my opinion, these images look AMAZING.

Check them out after the jump. Your eyes look like they could use some eye candy.

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Ninja Gaiden 3 Revealed

“A darker, more bloody game.” – Koei

Before the insanity that is to be the Tokyo Game Show, Tecmo Koei has announced Ninja Gaiden 3, leaving gamers with one sole image that you can see after the jump.  There is no release date or platform information available.  One peculiar aspect, however, is that Ryu’s face is unmasked, and the one image shows a visible person within his eye?  Could the series be taking a different turn than it’s usual “kill everything in sight” type of gameplay?

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