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Ambassador Program participants can grab Club Nintendo coins with their 20 free games

Coming from the announcement that Nintendo will be offering 20 free games on the 3DS for anyone who accesses the 3DS shop channel before August 12th (A deal which some businesses have been willing to capitalise on such as Wal Mart who reduced the price of the 3DS from $250 to $180 and likewise with ASDA which went from £180 to £134), Nintendo revealed that the 20 free games would come with Club Nintendo coins which can be redeemed through their website. Provided that 10 coins are awarded through down loadable games, It’s fair to assume that 200 coins are awarded overall however the GBA titles might provide a different amount. It is not confirmed whether this deal is exclusive to the US however providing this information is global, the 1000 star points available for European users can be transferred into 250 Wii Points which can be used to buy a variety of great games from the Wii’s Shop Channel (Such as Act raiser!)

Source: (GoNintendo)

Rumor: Walmart Might Be Dropping the 3DS Price 2 Days Early.

Keep in mind this is just a rumor coming out of Cheap Ass Gamer, but if it is true you could get a discounted 3DS and all 20 of the free games all in one swoop. Cheap Ass Gamer is reporting that they have an anonymous source telling them that Walmart plans to drop their 3DS to the new 170$ price point on August 9th, 2 days before Nintendo’s planned drop. It is just a rumor, but you should definitely check out Walmart on the 9th if you’re really desperate to get those 20 free games.

As a day 1 adopter I already know I will be getting those games and while I am sure some might complain about people getting the perks of the full priced console for less, but I personally could care less. It’s not like they didn’t have to go out of their way to do so.

*Update* Our very own Baltes has contacted some Nintendo reps in response to the rumor and has been told that it may not make a difference. If one retailer lowers the price before the originally planned date they will change the date.


UPDATE: 3DS Price Will Be Slashed in August, Early Adopters Rewarded

You read right, the 3DS will be lowered in price from the hefty $250 price tag to a steal at $170 starting August 12th. That’s a 32% price drop less than six months after the console’s initial release…

This is part of a global price drop in the portable announced by Nintendo, so no matter where you are, starting August 12th the price of a 3DS will be roughly one-third less than it was the day before.

And before you day one buyers start cursing at the news(like I was), Nintendo’s already announced a plan to reward you for your loyalty and try to give you back some of the extra $80 you spent for a few extra months with your piece of pricey portable hardware.

Everyone who buys a 3DS before August 12th and accesses the Nintendo eShop before aforementioned deadline is an Ambassador and shall receive a score(as in an actual score- 20) of virtual console games, some of which will never become available to the late adopters and others will have a exclusivity period of multiple months and will be available for download to ‘Ambassadors’ starting September 1st.

And these 10 NES and 10 Game Boy Advance titles are nothing to scoff at, either- with the 10 revealed being no less than some of the best to spring from their respective platforms:


  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Balloon Fight
  • Ice Climber
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Five more unannounced games


  • Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3
  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  • Metroid Fusion
  • WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong
  • Five more unannounced games


Bear in mind that all I’ve listed is only half the list of what you’ll get- so did the Big N make up the nearly $100 difference? In addition to that, does the price drop entice any of you to go ahead and get one come August 12th or does the promise of more games for the higher price seem like the better deal?

(Sources: VG247, Eurogamer)

UPDATE: The free games included in the 3DS Ambassador Program will NOT be 3D Classics, doomed to relive their nostalgic 2D graphics according to an IGN interview with a Nintendo spokesperson. In addition, some of the titles will be betas of sorts, with free upgrades to the full versions once they become available. But there will be one upgrade to some of the games offered: multiple of the NES games offered will support simultaneous multiplayer gameplay once their full versions become available.

(Source: IGN, 1UP)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots Abound

Square Enix has finally released a slew of screenshots from the poorly named Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. If you missed the initial announcement Square Enix is releasing a rhythm based Final Fantasy game that will include remixes of fan favorite songs from the series and several styles of play such as Field and Battle.

The screenshot’s point to the game being closer to the rhythm adventure games of the PS2 and PS1 era, Mad Maestro, Gitaroo Man, and Parappa the Rapper, rather than the modern iterations of the genre such as Guitar Hero and Rockband. You can judge for yourself in the gallery after the jump.


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Square Enix announce Final Fantasy Theatrhythm

In a rather surprising announcement by Square Enix, they confirmed that the latest installment in the series will be a rhythm game under the title Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. Continuing in the same way that other absurdly named games in the franchise such as Dissidia started, Theatrhythm aims to expand the FF series away from its JRPG roots to provide a unique experience to fans of the series. In terms of the rhythm based game play, from a purely visual standpoint it reminds more of Donkey Konga than any of the games in the Benami genre such as Dance Dance Revolution, Project DIVA or DJ MAX do. This is mainly because the commands appear in a linear sequence that require the appropriate button press, rather than a segregation approach used with the aformentioned games. While the game promises a wide range of compositions available, a couple of the more noteworthy pieces have already been confirmed such as Battle on the Big Bridge, To Zanarkand, Senleth Waterscape and, of course, One Winged Angel. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is set to be released for the 3DS however a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Source: (Siliconera)

New Star Fox 64 3D trailers released

Star Fox 64 (known as Lylat Wars for Europeans) is one of many critically acclaimed games being remade for the 3DS, along with the likes of Ocarina of Time, Tales of the Abyss, Cave Story and many more. Nintendo’s Japanese Website recently released a series of trailers showing off the game play of the new version, the most notable features are the remastered graphics and the high quality sound. Star Fox 64 will be released available for purchase on the 27th of July for Japan, September 11th for America and September 9th for Europe. Trailers can be viewed after the jump.

Source: (Nintendo World Report)

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Ocarina of Time 3DS Review

My name is Dagfari, and I’ve never played Ocarina of Time before this week. I was a Sega kid, I had the Master System 2 and the Sega Saturn, before moving onto the Playstation. And for years, I’ve often wondered to myself “Why is Ocarina of Time hailed as the greatest game ever?” Thanks to the re-release of a spruced up 3DS version, I get to experience for the first time what is so special, so let’s dive in without the nostalgia goggles!

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Nintendo Download Store, 3DS Updated

As some of you might have experienced, last week’s 3DS 2.0.0-2U update gave users the eShop, Web Browser, and the ability to pause time in Ridge Racer. Oh wait, that’s just the game freezing…

Well anyway, that little nagging issue has been resolved in the 2.1.0-3U update just starting to roll out, in addition to a general upgrade in system stability as a whole.

So since you don’t have to worry about your new hardware crashing, how about you celebrate by downloading some games for it? Nintendo’s also added a new title to the 3DS eShop, as well as a few by means of DSiWare.

If you want to get your retro on, you can now buy the Game Boy edition of Donkey Kong for a measly $3.99.

Also available via DSiWare are Gold Fever(500 Points, $4.99), Zimo: Mahjong Fanatic(200 Points, $199), Beach Party Craze(800 Points, $7.99), and Hidden Photo(500 Points, $4.99).

Not wanting to leave the Wii out of the party, the big N’s added one new title each for Virtual Console, WiiWare, and WiiWare Demos.

On the Virtual Console stage is Mega Man 5(500 Points), which I really hope will be seeing a 3DS port as well(Sooner than later please!).

With WiiWare, there’s Snail Mail(600 Points) and a demo for BIT.TRIP FLUX(Demo: Free, Full Version: 800 Points).

So there’s this week’s store updates, go play already!

New 3DS Color, Pokémon Game

A new 3DS color will be reaching Japan on July 14th, Flare Red.
It’ll be joining the ranks of the classic muscle car-esque paint job of the Aqua Blue and suave, classy look of Cosmo Black. As with it’s bretheren, this color sports the tri-tonal appearance although it blends together better if you ask me.

Now if only it were red and white to match the tone of this next story- a Pokémon Rumble sequel has been announced for the 3DS.Titled Super Pokémon Scramble(Rumble for everywhere but Japan), it’ll let you continue collecting and battling pocket monster wind up toys just like in the WiiWare hit but with the inclusion of Pokémon from Generation V, otherwise known as Black and White versions.

Also new to the series is the introduction of Spot Pass support for features yet unannounced, and multiplayer battles via Wi-Fi Connection. It’s hitting Japanese shelves July 28th, with neither this nor the Flare Red 3DS being confirmed for international release.

(Source: Eurogamer)

E3: DmC Devil May Cry, Sly Cooper and Nintendo Use Non-WiiU Footage

As E3 wakes up, here’s your second round of news information!

DmC Devil May Cry: 360, PS3 – No Confirmed Release Date

Capcom have released a gameplay trailer for the contreversy-coated origin story of Dante. Fans of the series have been up in arms over the game, upset over the changes to Dante’s look. While the gameplay does look similar to prior itirations, it probably is unfair to judge it purely on a younger version of the arguably iconic Dante. Judge for yourselves if the game could be good, or if the look threatens to ruin what could be a fantastic game.


Sly Cooper: Theives in Time: Ps3 Exclusive – Due Out 2012

Sony have confirmed the rumours that Sucker Punch Productions are not in charge of Sly Cooper 4 due to their commitments to the inFamous series. Instead, Sanzaru Games have been gifted with overseeing Sly’s first outing since 2005. While fans are understandably anxious, it should be noted Sanzaru were behind the HD ports of the original trilogy onto the PS3, so have experience with how to treat the series with respect. The trailer shows promise, you can check it out below.


WiiU – Due 2012

Nintendo’s press conference blew everyone away, and for those lucky enough to be watching it were amazed at the WiiU and what the graphics were capable of. However, hindsight is 20:20, especially with the reveal that President of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime admitted that the video wasn’t showing Wii U footage — it was showing footage from PS3 and 360 versions of the games in question. While Nintendo haven’t done anything wrong – the hardware is nowhere near ready yet, and E3 participants have been toying with tech demos at the booth. However, they used the footage to give people an idea of what to expect.

While this is disheartening, it is not the end of the world, and Nintendo cannot be scalded until we see the WiiU ((Or Wii Universe as I will now call it, WiiU is too silly)) in it’s finished form. I don’t have  a video for this, so here’s the Super Mario 3DS trailer again.