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The Week Ahead (9-30)



Whats going on this week with TheSpeedGamers?

Only about 18 days left until the Halloween Marathon! All of us are working hard to get everything ready!

-Britt got a new mixer in the mail a few days ago and should be doing a few test streams soon.

-A Britt vlog should be coming soon!

-The winner for the Pokémon X and Y forum contest will be announced on Wednesday!! (10/2)

Here’s what we have going on streaming wise this week:

Monday 9-30-13: No Scheduled Streams
Tuesday 10-1-13: 3pm-6pm Building with Baltes – Terraria 1.2, 11pm-2am Legend of Dragoon with Metal Man!
Wednesday 10-2-13: 10pm-2am Dragon Age Origins with Rob
Thursday 10-3-13: 11pm-2am Legend of Dragoon with Metal Man!
Friday 10-4-13: 11am-3pm Untuxable plays Tales of Symphonia!, 7pm-9pm Daski Streams! Amnesia: Machine for Pigs, 10pm-12pm Night Frights: Dead Space 3 with Giraffes
Saturday 10-5-13: 2pm-7pm Reloading with Kairamek: L4D2 with mutations, 7pm-11pm Saturday Night’s Main Event w/ AlanEdgeHead – Super Mario Sunshine
Sunday 10-6-13: 4pm-6pm Blaumagier Plays 3DS in 2D – Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (DSi Ware)

Highlights from last week’s streams: 

“Why Is There So Much Fire??”

“How Does Heal Happen?”