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OILD: Hazakura Temple

MERRY OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY!!!!!! I hope all of you are having a great time with your family and friends! What, you didn’t think I’d leave you without one last OILD post, did you? So here’s the last ice level of the year! It’s Hazakura Temple, from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations!

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Phoenix Wright Live Action Movie Confirmed

Takashi Miike, most well known for his unsettling films Ichi: The Killer and Audition, is being put behind the helm of the live action Pheonix Wright movie. While I have never seen a movie by him in the same light hearted fashion that I associate with Pheonix Wright I have seen him do comedic films before.


Takashi Miike is one of the most experienced directors around having directed around fifty four films since 1991 when he started. The movie is going to be foriegn language of course and may not come out in America, but I am sure fan subs will rear their head soon after it’s japanese release in spring 2012. I am incredibly excited to see both Takashi Miike doing a light hearted movie and Pheonix Wright come to life on the silver screen. For more information on casting check after the jump.

Source (Giantbomb)

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Rumor: Japanese Director Working on Ace Attorney Movie?

The Ace Attorney series has seen a couple of adaptations outside of  a game form. Both a Japanese play and a manga have been created based off the series. Now the title may be seeing a movie conversion.


Takashi Miike, director of Ichi the Killer, made mention of his next project in an interview Huffingtonpost at the Cannes film festival. Takashi said, “it is a very light comedy that I am filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS.” It’s hard to imagine it being anything else other than Ace Attorney, unless it is some other random court room DS game. But I’d say Ace Attorney would be the safest bet.


Who knows how far along the project is or if it will ever see light of day. Until then we’ll just have to harass Capcom about localizing the sequel to Ace Attorney Investigations.


(Via: Kotaku)

Ace Attorney Theme Park Attraction in Japan

A new attraction featuring many of the characters from the Phoenix Wright series, and appropriately called “Ace Attorney Investigations in Joyopolis,” will make its debut in the Sega Joyopolis (Yes, Sega has a theme park called “Joyopolis”) theme park this spring.

The attraction will cost 600 yen per person and will put you in the role of Miles Edgeworth, where you must solve a crime within twenty minutes. Players will be assessed and given a “prosecutors rank.” Sega did not announce plans to bring this attraction to any of its other locations around the world, such as GameWorks in the US or SegaWorld in the UK.

My response to this is, why does Japan get all the cool stuff?

(Source: Gamesradar)

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

We’re all familiar with the concept of dying in a video game. You start the game alive and, at some point, you die, putting you back to a checkpoint, save point, or whatever. But in Capcom’s latest DS title, Ghost Trick developed by the Ace Attorney team, this formula is disrupted. How exactly? Well, at the start of the game the main character, Sissel, is already dead. Obviously you can’t be sent back to the latest check point since there was nothing before it! Instead, you’ll continue throughout the game as a ghost. A Phantom Detective!

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Ghost Trick Hitting North America This January

While the Ace Attorney team has recently turned its focus to Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright and Ace Attorney Investigations 2, Capcom is still localizing their last title, Ghost Trick. The wait won’t be much longer though as the title launches on January 11th in North America.

Players play as Sissel, a man who has been killed. Playing as his soul, players save the life of others by setting off a sequence of events to halt the murderer. Ghost Trick, despite positive reviews, didn’t perform so well in Japan when it launched earlier this year. Being one of the last big Nintendo DS titles before moving into the 3DS, hopefully the North American market will better receive it.

(Source: Siliconera)

Phoenix Wright creator teases new content

Next year will mark the tenth anniversary of everyones favourite objection shouting lawyer, Miles Edgeworth (Or Phoeni depending on how you roll). Capcom has decided to celebrate by creating a site bearing a tattered book with the workds “Majo Saiban” written on it (translating as “Witch Trial”). New Game? New Case? Godot coffee drinking Iphone app? Either way, it seems like Capcom is up to a lot more than just Ace Investigations 2.

Source: (Siliconera)

Ace Attorney WiiWare trailer


I’m not sure if the Ace Attorney games are exactly a family game, but they seem to be having fun with it. Of course that is what their paid to do though.

The first title in the  Ace Attorney will be coming to WiiWare this upcoming January and will be followed by another title every other month up until the third title. You can find out all the details here.

Ace Attorney series heading to WiiWare

Rating systems rarely tell a lie. The latest issue of Famitsu revealed that ports of the Ace Attorney games will be heading to the WiiWare. The series will be seeing monthly installments on the WiiWare service.

The first title of the series that will be available is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for 900 points which will feature the first 4 episodes, the second is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Justice for all which will be 1200 points, and last but not least is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trial and Tribulations which will also be 1,200 points.  Eventually the 5th case for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney will be avalible for a 300 point download.

You can check out the full scan after the jump.

(Scan and Information Source: GoNintendo)

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Capcom says no Ace Attorney Wii, Germany says yes

Over a month ago there was a interview with Capcom in which they pretty much shot down the idea of a Wii game in the Ace Attorney Series, but now a listing has poped up over in Germany for “Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney” for Wii.  That title is specifically the name of the first game in the series, so if this is real then it is most likely a port or a remake of the first title and probably has a good chance of hitting WiiWare instead of a full retail disc release.

(Source: Gamerbytes)