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Catherine Review

Atlus over the years has remained a heavy force in terms of Japanese content. And up until the PlayStation 2, they’ve been pumping out Shin Megami Tensei titles on the console left and right. But suddenly, when we hit the HD generation, the team fell back almost entirely onto the portable scene. Sure, they’ve been publishing titles for the HD platforms, but none of them have been from their own internal teams. Thankfully, Atlus is finally stepping back into the console ring with their first in-house developed HD title, Catherine.

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Catherine Preview

Atlus have a great reputation as an RPG developer, thanks to series such as Persona and Shin Megami Tensei. So many expected that Catherine would follow suit – however, they have gone for an action-platformer with a puzzle twist. Luckily for both you guys and me, Atlus gave a tech demo to whet our appetites, so let’s take a sneaky peak into a rather exciting game.

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Catherine Limited Edition Arrives in America, Boxer Shorts Included!

Catherine is an Erotic Thriller action game created by Atlus (by the same people who worked on the Shin Megami Tensei series) which has has a rather interesting localisation history with Atlus confirming that the game would never be released outside of Japan… Until they confirmed otherwise. Announced today by Atlus, the “Love is Over” limited edition set (A reference to the phrase uttered on the game over screen. And you will die, A lot) will be very… different compared to Atlus’s other LE boxsets. The boxset will come with the game, a pair of Vincent’s Boxer shorts which are worn during the puzzle sections, the empty hearts T-shirts that Catherine wears throughout the game, A Catherine pillow case (just a pillowcase, not a Daimakura) and they are all nicely collected inside a Super Sheep pizza box (an ingame reference to the bar where Vincent and his friends hang out). The special edition will be avaliable for $79.99 and it will be only be avaliable for preorder through Atlus directly because Atlus will make sure that only enough copies are made to furfill reservations. the game itself can be obtained for $59.99 however Atlus have said that anyone who preorders will recieve a soundtrack CD containing eleven tracks from the game remixed by Shoji Meguro as well as a 36 page art book (both items will also be avaliable in the special edition). The game is set for an American release on July 27th, with no word on a European release date.

Source: (Siliconera)

Atlus games cheap on Amazon

Atlus, creator of such great RPG’s as Radiant Historia and Persona, is the deal of the day today on amazon. It’s a one day sale of tons of Atlus games. Tinycartridge pointed me to it and I thought I would share it with TSG. The most notable deals are 50% off Persona 4, 64% off of Trauma Team, 46% off of Demon’s souls, and 20% off of Radiant Historia. You can check out the deals for yourself right here.



More Shots of Atlus’ The Cursed Crusade

What title relates to Atlus and starts with “C” and ends with “E”? Catherine? What the heck is that? We’re talking the Crusades! Get rid of that pre-order on that silly girly game about dreams and relationships, and pick up a man’s game! The Cursed Crusade. Blood, guts, gore, crusading, what else could you ask for from Atlus?


Atlus knows where the market’s at, hence why they sent out screenshots of the upcoming PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 title. So now that you’ve got your blood pumping for some manly hand to hand combat, when can you get your hands on this? Summer 2011!  Until then, you’ll just have to admire the shots after the jump.


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Sting and Atlus team up to bring Gloria Union

VanillaWare AND Sting in one day?! Is it Christmas come early or what! For those that don’t know (I pity you), Sting is a company most well known for their Dept Heaven Series which involves a series of innovative SRPG’s which want to bring something new to the Genre (Members currently include Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union: We Will Never Fight Alone, Knights In The Knightmare and the soon to be released GunGnir.) Related to Yggdra comes the Unison series which is set of Spinoff SRPG’s as part of that unique world. The first of these games was Blaze Union which was released for the PSP in Japan last Summer. Sting will be collaborating with Atlus to bring the world of gaming Gloria Union.

Gloria Union will be helmed by Radiant Historia creator Horishi Konichi with character designs by ex Tri Ace employee Sunaho Tobe, who also did the character designs for the original Yggdra Union. The game revolves around Ishuto, who wishes to become the greatest pirate in the world so he goes treasure hunting with his sister (and people say that all JRPG’s have terrible writing…). The game is set to be released in Japan June 23rd and while so far all of the Dept Heaven games have arrived in the US, Sting has never released a single one of their games in the UK as of yet.

Source: (Siliconera)

Devil Survivor 2 Announced for the DS

Even though the 3DS is just around the corner, Atlus is doing business as usual and releasing a new game on DS. Devil Survivor wasn’t exactly super popular, but it did do very well critically. Devil Survivor, unlike most Japanese strategy RPGs, allowed you to take many paths to get different endings.


The plot and gameplay were also very interesting taking the popular Japanese plot device of giving the hero’s seven days to save the world. You are given COMPs with the ability to summon demons that you then use in battle. The actual battles take place on the standard grid with demons attributing special movement bonuses. When you reach your opponent on the field, the battle takes place as a two turn mini JRPG battle.


More news on Devil Survivor 2 is that, while it was just announced, Japan can expect to play it this June because it is already 95% complete. They plan to add to the existing systems of the first game by throwing character relationships into the actual battle mechanics. I assume this game will make it to the states if the remake of the first game is.



Catherine Hitting North America this Summer

No plans? T’was a lie apparently! Atlus announced this morning that Catherine is heading to North America this Summer, complete with the risqué box art on PlayStation 3. The title will be hitting both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America, so no worries on being left out of Atlus’ first HD title.

There has yet to be an English trailer, but we do get a look at the box arts and logo for the title… All of which is pretty much old. No word on if a publisher has picked the title up for Europe yet.

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“No Plans” for Catherine Outside of Japan?

Atlus’ first HD title, Catherine, definitely has caught the eyes of quite a few with its sexual themes and…Well, for just being plain weird. So, when will be getting our hands on a English release for the title? Well, not right now that’s for sure.

BeefJack Games contacted Atlus about the title and got a reply from a represenative of the publisher. “Catherine is a Japan-only game and there are no plans for a NA release at this time. Sorry about that!

Of course, the key phrase to note there is “at this time.” The title just launched in Japan, so it could be awhile till Atlus is ready for an official announcement.

Atlus is pretty good about localizing most of the titles they launch in Japan. Although the heavy sexual themes could possibly be working against the title. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile, Atlus will be launching The Cursed Crusade this Summer! That’s kind of like Catherine, right?

Sneak Peek at Devil Survivor Overclocked’s Voice Acting

Atlus is bringing back the hit DS title, Devil Survivor, to the Nintendo 3DS with an enhanced port. Overclocked features remastered character portraits, a new chapter in the story, and an Epilogue. But probably one of the most notable addition is that of voice acting.

While you can check out the latest screenshots after the jump, if you hop on over to Atlus’ website for the title, they have the screenshots with a voice sample for that specific scene.

The title is set for this Summer, so be sure to check it out then.

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