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Australian We Dare Remains PG, DoA: Dimensions Becomes Mature

Ubisoft’s controversal party game, We Dare, has been kept at a PG rating despite calls from parents as well as Ubisoft themselves.

Gamespot reported that the recommendation by Ubisoft for the game to be classed as a Mature title, showing that this was always meant to be an adult party game, was ignored – similar to Europe where We Dare recieved a 12+. The Classification Review Board reviewed their classification, and decided that the game was suitably rated, though would give consumer advice of “Mild Sexual Refrences” An example of these refrences is a mini-game called “The More You Dare”, where players are encouraged to remove as many clothes as possible in fifteen seconds.

Some of the filler text is also rather questionable, with ‘Many women prefer men who look like their fathers. This is called sexual imprinting’ among such phrases. The whole ordeal have led to Ubisoft cancelling plans for a US and UK release, but have Australia got it right? Or has something gone a bit wrong?

Evidence points to maybe the latter, as this is the second game to be re-reviewed, with Dead or Alive: Dimensions also being reconsidered, this time being upgraded to a Mature rating, citing that the game was “not demonstrated during the initial application process” – which is surely how people find out what’s in it?

It’s not been a good time for the notoriously harsh Australian Board, who have banned games such as Left 4 Dead 2 due to the content. Only time will tell if they can get back to actually playing a game to see what’s in it, rather than toss a rating at it.

How DS Games Will Look On 3DS

Several new details have come out about the 3DS recently through various sources. Luckily the fantastic Tiny Cartridge has compiled the 2 biggest ones together for us. First of all in an australian preview of the system you can see that standard DS games can make use of the Circle pad and the way that it scales the games as if they were on a normal DS. Ill link that after the jump

Also IGN had an interview with Nintendo where it was revealed that some companies could offer the ability to use Custom Soundtracks on the DS by uploading MP3’s onto the system through an SD card. This is pretty neat since sometimes when your grinding in Dragon Quest you just want some different music.


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Australian Ratings Board List’s Rayman 3D

It seems Ubisoft is really trying to bring back their mascot character with this and Rayman Origins in the works. The game was rated PG by the Australian ratings board for mild violence. I am going to go ahead and assume this will be a 3DS release, however the rating’s board list as possibly coming to multiple platforms.

Rayman has a take an odd turn ever since the Wii when the Rayman Raving Rabbid’s series gained a lot of popularity among non-gamers. While I think the rabbids are a fantastic bit of classic European cartoon humor they still aren’t Rayman. A majority of the Rabbid’s games have been nothing but mini-game collections as well betraying the adventure roots of Rayman.

(Source 1up)