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Bangai O HD: Missile Fury shoots to XBLA May 4th

Bangai O HD: Missile Fury is the latest fast paced action game by Treasure (The creators of Light Crusader, Stretch Panic and other AAA titles that were way ahead of their time). The game will be the third game in the Bangai series, the first being Bangai O for the N64 and Sega Dreamcast and the second being Bangai O Spirits for the Nintendo DS. While the game will contain the features that made the previous two games so good (Excellent level design, a wide arsenal of weapons, a ludicrous story and most importantly of all, blowing a lot of stuff up), the game will expand on the previous game’s strengths as well as providing 100 levels, a level editor and co-op play (Missile Fury was originally set for a Winter release date however it was delayed due to Treasure wanting to improve the multiplayer mode). The game is set to be released on XBLA on May 4th for 800MSP and it can’t come soon enough (Wasn’t Radiant Silvergun supposed to be out this spring anyway?)

Source: (Joystiq)

Bangai O HD: Missile Fury Receives New Trailer

Bangai O HD will be the third game in Treasure’s acclaimed Bangai O series. The first game was originally released on the N64 in Japan and was later ported to the Dreamcast everywhere else in the world while the second game was released for the DS worldwide. Missile Fury is set to be released on XBLA sometime this spring and it is set to contain everything what made the original games so enjoyable and more. A new trailer was shown today detailing the various weapons available in the game, containing old favourites (Bounce Shot, Break Shot) and interesting new ideas (Wide shot, Fast shot). The trailer can be viewed after the jump.

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Arcana Heart 3 Recieves NA PSN Release this April

While fighting game fans have been warming up to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the game they’ve all REALLY been waiting for will soon be here! Arcana Heart 3 is the next in Examu’s popular fighting game series that is well known for its fast gameplay, unique battle system and an all female cast (plus a robot). Aksys have confirmed that the game will be released through PSN in North America this April.


Arcana Heart 3 was originally released in Japan on the 360 & PS3 as retail releases and while North America will not receive this luxury, Europe will. Published by Zen United (publishers of BlazBlue who did a decent job even if they took their sweet time getting it released over here), both the 360 & PS3 version will be available to European gamers in retail form (any US gamer who wants a retail release could alternatively import the European edition since it’s region free). Unfortunately, there is no word as to whether the UK will get the Special Edition of AH3, with such luxuries as a mini towel, label pins and a collection of animé cels. However, Zen United provided such edition for BlazBlue so anything is possible at this stage.

Source: (Siliconera)

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes HD Heading to PSN/XBLA Mid April this year

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes was a spin-off to the popular Might & Magic series for the DS that received critical acclaim due to its great animation, unique use of the DS’s features and addicting gameplay that would keep you awake for hours on end, playing the same battle puzzle over and over again (speaking from personal experience here). For any like-minded people who are interested in a console experience of the game, Capybara Games will be releasing the HD upgrade through XBLA & PSN mid April this year.


The port will contain gameplay tweaks ironing out some of the faults with the original game (lack of sleep while playing it not being one of them) along with redrawing the sprites in astonishing detail which rivals that of more mainstream 2D efforts from retail releases. There’s no official word on a price yet (early reports said it’d be 1200MSP points, though that could change now that the final release is so close). However, this is a game that deserves to be purchased.

Source: (JoyStiq)

Details of Akai Katana Shin’s Limited Edition revealed

Revealed at CAVE Festa 2011, Akai Katana Shin will be a port of CAVE’s latest arcade release for the 360, boasting high definition visuals, new arrange modes, and everything you could ever want from a CAVE port. The game will recieve Standard and Limited Editions with the components of the limited edition having recieved an announcement yesterday. While the regular edition will come with just the game for the price of 7,140 Yen ($87), The limited edition will come with a special casing box containing some very vibrant and colourful arwork (See Left) along with the official soundtrack CD (Composed by Ryo Umemoto who also worked on the soundtrack for ESPGaluda II Black Label which was also rather excellent). Anyone who preorders the game gets a special Voice Pack Content Card which includes new voices for the game (Preorders are avaliable for both Standard and Limited editions). Unfortunatly the game is region locked however consider the surprising success of Deathsmiles for the 360 (especially in the UK), If enough people pester Aksys and Rising Star than a western release shouldn’t be out of the question

Source: (Siliconera)

Square Enix collaboates with Ignition for El Shaddai Merchandise

Despite not being out yet, El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron has gotten a very surprising amount of support. The original trailers of the game have been remixed several hundreds of times, Jeans modeled around the central characters of the games were sold out within the first three minutes of production and now Square Enix is getting involved. In a 15 second trailer on Square Enix’s website, Lucifer engages in a phone call to Ignition saying that Go as demanded them to make thm Publish the Official El Shaddai Art Book (This follows up from a similar video in the same style promoting El Shaddai figurines not unlike those to your left). El Shaddai will be released on April 28th in Japan and sometime this summer elsewhere in the world.

Source: (Siliconera)

Beyond Good and Evil HD PS3 out “Later This Year”

As part of the XBLA House Party, Beyond Good and Evil was released on XBLA today for a mere 800MSP. The game is famous for recieving low sales upon launch with a strong cult following developing as time went by. Ubisoft have even said that they will consider a sequel to the game is the sales of the HD version are well. While the game is currently only avaliable for XBLA, Ubisoft confirmed today that the game will be a timed exclusive and it will recieve an eventual PSN release. Ubisoft have commented how a lot of time and care has been putting in from remaking the game from the ground up to make sure that this was less of a cheap port but a complete HD overall that would do justice to the greatness to the original. An exact date (or quarter) hasn’t been confirmed yet but for any 360 who wants to try the cult classic, make sure you have 800MSP to spare and 1.86GB left on your hard-drive.

Source: (Eurogamer)

Shadows of the DAMNED! Gets June 7th release

Thanks to the recent Games Developers Conference that is currently taking place, EA confirmed today that the latest game by the insane genius’s at Grasshopper Manufacture: Shadows of the DAMNED! Would recieve a release on June 7th. According to CVG, This will be a worldwide release for the game which is very good news for anyone not willing to shell out more money in order to import. Grasshopper have already confirmed that they will be announcing a brand new title at the end of this month via a live broadcast through Ustream dubbed “Grassstream 2: Travis vs Garcia” (Refering to the protagnists of No More Heroes and the aformentioned Shadows of the DAMNED!) so with Grasshopper continuing their conquest to become the greatest games company in the world, It’ll be interesting to see what else they have in store for their fans.

Source: (Siliconera)

French Bread confirms Under Night in Birth & Melty Blood HD

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the recent French Bread news (It’s rather tasty if I do say so myself!). They announced yesterday that thir new project entitled “Under Night in Birth” would be a HD fighting game at full widescreen resolution. The game itself will have a style that leads an homage to various light novels and detective novels. The game is ~40% complete and will be out at the end of the Winter. Along with this, a free patch for Melty Blood: Current Code will be avalible from this spring. The patch will include new characters such as Powered Ciel (Because Regular Ciel clearly wasn’t powerful enough) along with another character being added in the summer. Type Moon have also considered releasing a HD version of Melty Blood although at these early stages of development, nothing is certain. A trailer for Under Night in Birth can be viewed after the jump.

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