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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Gets A Massive Collectors Edition in Europe

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is the latest iteration in the Guilty Gear series which is famous for its fluid animé styled visuals, its hard rock soundtrack, its balanced character roster and of course… Bridget. While GGXXAC+ has been out in the US for a over a year, the series has evaded Europe’s grasp (Although for some unknown reason, the PS2 edition is currently avaliable from Amazon). Zen United wishes to change that trend though by not only announcing that GGXXAC+ would be receiving a European release, but it would be getting a limited edition that is not avaliable in any other country. As with their work on the BlazBlue series, the limited edition set will come with; The game itself (available on PS2, PSP & Wii), A choice between the Guilty Gear: 10th memorial art book or the Guilty Gear: lost archive art book, an official GGXXAC+ keyring, A GGXXAC+ official soundtrack and T-shirt, a collectors box and an exclusive Giclee print of Guilty Gear‘s A.B.A printed on Hahnmemuhle paper. There is only 200 copies of the collectors edition avaliable and the standard and limited editions should be in stores May 6th.

Source: (Siliconera)

El Shaddai Soundtrack gets release April 27th

In a collaboration with Square Enix, Ignition Entertainment has been releasing various merchandise for their latest (and so far, only) game, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. Disregarding the game’s designer jeans which managed to sell out within three minutes due to a huge fan demand, Square Enix have also commisioned: An artbook, A strategy guide, some creepy looking nendroids and most recently, a soundtrack. The soundtrack will be released on April 27th, a mere one day before the release of the game itself for ¥2,800 (a sample of the soundtrack can be found here). First print runs of the soundtrack will contain an special sleeve case which can be seen as the image to this article. El Shaddai will be released for Western territories sometime this summer.

Source: (Andriasang)

Lost Planet 2, Nier Gestalt and ESPGaluda II Go Platinum in Japan

In a recent announcement made by Microsoft Japan, three new titles will be added to the Platinum line for the region.. On March 14th, Lost Planet 2 will recieve its budget release reducing the price to ¥2,990. While that may not sound particulary interesting (considering Lost Planet 2 is already out in English), The following week, Nier Gestalt (The one that was released in English, unlike Nier Replicant) will have its price slashed to ¥3,990. The most important information to come from this is that on April 28th (ironically, the day El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron comes out), a platinum version of ESPGaluda II will be released for the 360. Unlike the other two games, ESPGaluda II is region free and so it can be imported and played on non Japanese 360’s. CAVE’s Danmaku Magnus Opus will be avaliable for ¥2,940 for anyone who has yet to import it yet (or alternatively, get the Iphone version).

Source: (Andriasang)

VanillaWare and Marvelous team up for Grand Knights History

After VanillaWare and Marvelous teamed up to make Muramasa: The Demon Blade, VanillaWare has been quiet about their most recent project (unless they really have been working on GrimGrimoire all this time.) In today’s weekly issue of Famitsu, their next collaboration entitiled Grand Knights History was announced with Tomohiko Deguchi (director of Muramasa) directing, Yoshifumo Hashimoto (producer of Muramasa) also producing this game and Hitoshi Sakimoto (composer of various games such as Sokyugurentai, Radiant Silvergun and well… Muramasa) as the games composer. The game will be a turned based RPG for the PSP, making this VanillaWare‘s first outing into a portable console outside of the Princess Crown port as well as the first RPG that VanillaWare has worked on.

The story involves three different kingdoms fighting for the rule of Ristya. On one hand you have the Logres ruled by King Fausel, on the other hand you have Avalon run by Queen Muse, and on the other foot you have the Union governed by King Leon and Princess Sefia (Sefia? Ristya? Fausel? Turn based RPG? Am I looking at Dept Heaven Episode III or am I just dreaming?) Your character will be a knight in one of the three armies as you fight for your country and rule of Ristya. Deguchi made a big point of its network play where various players could get together and fight other opponents from opposing sides *cough*StarCraft*cough*. Grand Knights History will be released in Japan this Summer and while there is no news of an English Release, considering that VanillaWare‘s backlog has fully been released in English (Princess Crown aside due to the loss of the source code), the future looks bright.

Source: (Siliconera)

Eschatos recieves free soundtrack

Eschatos is a Bullet Hell SHmup for the 360 that unlike most non CAVE SHmups (as if such things exist), has been confirmed to be region free much to the excitement of Westerm SHmup fans. Qute, the publishers of the game released a trailer for the game sampling the game’s OST song by song. Eschatos will also contain two popular retro SHmups as hidden extras. This marks one of the very few times that Judgement Silver Sword and Cardinial Sins will be playable for a Western audience. The game’s website lists an interview with the game’s composer Yosuke Yasui and details of secrets such as extra characters, a level select and an extra hard difficulty setting. Eschatos was set to be released on the 24th of March (Ironically a month after the release of CAVE’s own Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets bundle) however because of the recent earthquake, the game has been delayed indefinetly. The music sampler can be viewed after the jump.

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GrimGrimoire 2 possibly in development

VanillaWare is a Japanese company who specialise in creating various platforming/action games based on Japanese mythology with a unique 2D oriental style. Their main series consists of Princess Crown (Created while the team were still working for Atlus), Odin Sphere (Probably their most well known game) and Muramasa: The Demon Blade (currently avaliable for the Nintendo Wii). The only outlier to this successful formula is GrimGrimoire which was a console RTS game done in a style never seen before in video games (A good way to explain it would be similar to that of Swords & Soldiers for PSN & Wii Ware). Despite VanillaWare’s games consisting purely of original titles, the CEO of the company George Kamitani has stated that he has considered a sequel for GrimGrimoire for a long time, explicitly stating that he wanted online play if a sequel were to ever come into fruition.

This proposed sequel may not be entirely made of fiction. In Japan, there is an unnamed company who is responsible for the bulk of localisation and voice work for various Japanese video games. In their credits section, not just do they have the credits for their work on Grim Grimoire, but they also have the credits for their work on Grim Grimoire 2. The game is listed as a PS2 game so unless they plan on taking the Persona 4 route, either the project has been scrapped or it has been shifted to another console (hopefully the latter considering that VanillaWare isn’t really doing much right now… unless that rumour about Muramasa 3DS and Muramasa/Odin Sphere HD ports are true).

Source: (Siliconera)

Next Gen Darkstalkers recieves 100,000 supporters

Darkstalkers was Capcom’s other main fighting franchise besides Street Fighter. While Street Fighter took characters from various places around the world, Darkstalkers had a strong horror basis to it, which is reflected in the series most popular characters such as Morrigan and Felicia who are often used in the various games in the Capcom Vs series. Unfortunatly the actual series itself, is not as succesful as Capcom’s other top tier fighting games.

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has been trying to get the DarkStalkers series remade for a long time now as it was a series he’d really like to get back into working on. Capcom told Ono that he needed a million requests in order to get the series reboot greenlit however while he was in London promoting the launch of the 3DS, he said that: “At the moment in Capcom’s statistics, I’ve heard it’s [the number of requests] gone over 100,000. But it’s far from a million. We need to keep on going.” In the meantime, Super Street Fighter IV will be a launch game for the 3DS which goes on sale Tommorow in the UK and Friday in the US.

Source: (Eurogamer)

Moon Diver coming to XBLA this April

Next month is set to bee a good month for XBLA. With the release of G Revolution’s latest SHmup: Strania and Capybara games’s Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes beginning in April, those will be followed by Square Enix’s Moon Diver: The next project by Strider creator: Kouitchi Yotsui. The ninja action game has been in development for a couple of years now as a side scrolling adventure games that focuses on multiplayer gameplay and as being as close to Strider 3 as it possibly can. The game will be released on PSN March 29th for anyone who can’t wait for the XBLA release.

Source: (Siliconera)

Moon Diver Dives its way to PSN March 29th

Moon Diver (previously known as Necromachina) is the latest project by Kouichi Yotsui, whose previous works include Strider and Cannon Fodder. The game was announced at E3 2010 before being pretty much forgotten by everyone who had interest in it due to delay after delay after delay. Well, good news! Square Enix confirmed today that the game would be released on PSN March 29th, with an XBLA release followed afterwards (normally it’s the other way round).


The game itself is remisicent of Capcom’s Strider (surprise, surprise) which will focus on providing a fun, yet difficult experience to gamers of all creeds. In an bizzare interview where Yotsui was interviewed by THE MAIN CHARACTER FROM HIS OWN GAME!, Yotsui said: “I want everyone to invite their friends and just have fun with the co-op mode. But the single-player mode is serious business. I have no intention of letting anyone escape with their lives. It’s a good game to die!!!”. Nice to see more people taking a leaf out of the Hard Corps: Uprising way of thinking.

Source: (Siliconera)

Hard Corps: Uprising out of PSN Next Tuesday

For anyone who has not been able to experience one of the best games of 2011 so far, Hard Corps Uprising will recieve its long due PSN release next Tuesday. The PSN release is said to be worldwide with the US setting you back $9.99 with no confirmation of a UK price. For those not aware, Hard Corps: Uprising is a Run and Gun that plays a lot like Contra (Wonder Why) and is designed by Arc Systems, Creators of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. Their involvement in the series becomes apparant within the first 1 minutes when you are barrages by an animé opening so insanethat it s only rivaled by Arc’s own Guilty Gear series. From then on, the game becomes a very modern take on the classic genre by including various weapons, Air Dashing, Strafing and various other mechanics that take very well to the simplistic gameplay (which is not always a negative). Anyway, don’t take my word for it, Pay $10 for it and see for yourself.

Source: (Eurogamer)