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OILD Day 7: Glacius’ Ice Temple

Another day, another ice level! We’re now a week in, and less than a week until the Sonic marathon! And I’m also in a pretty silly mood. I love the needlessly elaborate and absurd backstories in fighting games, you see. The sillier, the better. That’s why today’s ice level is Glacius’ Ice Temple, from Killer Instinct!


Oh man, Killer Instinct. In the ’90s, there were a ton of goofy fighting games. Street Fighter started things off, but Mortal Kombat’s controversial violence provoked other studios into jumping in on the scene. Rareware decided to try their hand at the genre with Killer Instinct, a game that tosses every random thing the kids were into those days into a fighting tournament: Ninja! Robot! Raptor! Werewolf! Skeleton! Girl! The premise was pretty straightforward: Ultratech, your standard evil supercorporation, was holding a fighting tournament for nefarious purposes. The winner got some stupid reward, and then a cutscene happens and you find out you’re missing six months’ worth of allowance in quarters. It’s also the source of the phrase “C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!” so y’know, that’s a rich legacy on its own. Honestly I find a lot of stuff in KI to be hilarious because even though it looked cool at the time, the designs are just silly now. Go ahead and look up the original renders for the game’s characters. The anatomy is pretty bizarre.

As with most fighting games, each character go their own stage, and one of those characters was Glacius. Glacius was an alien! Made of ice! Because… ??? His spaceship crash landed onto Earth, where Ultratech promptly captured him and forced him to fight a collection of freaky weirdos. Normally I’d blame their behavior on them being evil, but come on, if you found an ice alien in your backyard, wouldn’t YOU be curious as to whether or not he could beat up a champion boxer? Being made of(??) ice, Glacius had a lot of cold-themed moves and attacks, but mostly he was known for morphing his arms and body into different shapes. His finishing moves were kind of confusing though. In one, he melted into a puddle, then slid under the opponent and that… somehow melted them too? In another he touches them with his morphed hand and they… change color and die? I guess he’s freezing them with his AWESOME 90s RENDERING POWERS!!! And then there’s whatever this is.


Hey, you know the rules. Every year I get to have one level put in purely as a goof.

Now for some music! Controlling Transmission is Glacius’ theme from Killer Instinct. But just for fun, here’s Frozen Ray from Keyboardmania, and Snow Storm from Beatmania IIDX! And Glacial Fortress, from Omega Five!

And here’s a remix! Neon Glaciers is a remix of Glacial Fortress by Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt, and it’s a mix I keep coming back to because it really sticks in your head!

Tomorrow’s another big day! I hope you’ll tune in and see what it is, just like I hope you tune in to the Sonic marathon in a few days!