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Hajime Tabata Interested in Porting Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII to 3DS

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII was a prequel action RPG originally designed for cellphones. The idea seems similar to the KH: Recoded Remake, however Tabata has said that he does not just want to port it. He is very impressed with the 3DS’s capabilities and would like to modify the game to suit the new platform.

Before Crisis focused on the actions of the Turks as they performed covert operations for Final Fantasy VII’s Shinra Corporation. From some quotes Tabata made it seems that he would like to change the games scenario and make it co-op focused. He said “Completely changing the scenario composition and game design for the 3DS, if it were an action RPG BCFF7 that lots of Turk players could simultaneously play at a dizzying pace… Wait a second; this work is not an official announcement of course.”

So while it is not confirmed he is expressing interest.