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Valve Launches Steam Trading Beta

Valve love the idea of trading so much, that they have released the beta version of a system that allows players to trade unplayed games with one another for other games and in-game items.

Imagine what you do in TF2 – you poke someone, offer them your goodies for their goodies, and go off on your merry way. That’s how this is gonna work, but through Steam – this also means you no longer have to boot up TF2 to trade as well, all trades done in the friend list. However, any games that have been played will not be able to be traded, so extra copies as part of a bundle or just games you never got to start up are the only ones you will be able to choose.

At the moment, it’s only TF2 but this may extend to other games, especially the other F2P games. To get into the beta, just go to your Steam Settings, and activate the Beta from there. All the information is on the Steam Support page for the Beta

(Source: GamePro )

Family Guy MMO To Go Open Beta Later This Year

No, you are not reading that wrong. Family Guy Online, an MMO, has been announced by Fox.

It will be Free-to-play, browser based and be in full 3D. The game will revolve around doing quests, and you get to create your own character in the style of those in the show. There are also classes that are based on the main characters from the show. Wanna be like Peter? You’re a tank! Want to be like Stewie? You get to play with gadgets!

The most intruiging claim comes from the game’s developer Roadhouse, who say that they are attempting to make a game that appeals to both those that prefer “core” games like Halo and those that prefer “casual” like Farmville, the developer admitting it is a difficult balance. This should be rather interesting – Hidden Gem, or yet another MMO that will go ignored?

(Source: g4tv )

Final Fantasy XIV’s Open Beta Dated and Trailer Released

Final Fantasy XIV is Squares second MMORPG and a sequel of sorts to their last Online RPG outing Final Fantasy XI. The game is been in a closed beta for quite some time now and the open beta has been announced for August 31st. The game will be open to more participants presumably to stress test their servers before the official release of the PC version of the game on September 30th.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

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