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Fallout: New Vegas – Bug Ridden & “Jaw Dropping”

As with any large-scale games, there are going to be bugs…  However, Fallout New Vegas seems to have enough for the entire industry.

Gamers and reviewers everywhere are reporting that the games are causing consoles to completely freeze and require a hard-reboot, which as any gamer can relate to, is a big issue when attempting to complete a game, and losing hours of scavenging and leveling.  [I can personally confirm this, as I’ve already had to hard-reboot my PS3 at least 6 times now.]

But more hilarious [or disturbing] is the PC bug at the beginning of the game, which has the beginning doctor lose his head.  No…  Not like with a temper either.  I mean, he LITERALLY LOSES HIS HEAD.  [You can check out the disturbing video after the jump.]

I can also report [from personal experience with the games] that there are “stuttering” everywhere, and the freezing seems to occur when you try and do too many things at once.  Or..  You know…  Walk into a wall.  >_<‘

There’s also a lovely number of glitches.  I was looking for a certain character, and while I was “on top” of him, he was nowhere to be found.  Going into my 3rd person long view, I found that he was stuck in the ceiling, attempting to walk and shoot invisible enemies.  Poor Deputy…  Stuck in the roof of a casino for the rest of his pitiful existance.  :*(

But, to make a nice observation, the entire game is fantastic, ignoring the bugs, naturally.  <3  You can see my full review this Sunday.

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