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Nintendo’s Stock Drops and Iwata Loses Money

In response to yesterday’s phenomally large price drop for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld all kinds of people at Nintendo are now oodles of cash. In addition to the handheld now losing money on every device sold, Iwata himself and other executives are taking large paycuts. Iwata is taking  the brunt of the blow with a whopping 50% cut to his normal 2 million a year salary, other executives are taking 30% cuts while some are taking 20% cuts.

That’s  not all though, Nintendo’s last president before Mr. Iwata was a man named Hiroshi Yamauchi. He is the currently the largest shareholder in Nintendo stock, and he lost about 500 million dollars due to a 21% decrease in the value of Nintendo stock. While none of this points to Nintendo going away soon, it does show that if they don’t get their act together and start selling some consoles they may revert back to the Game Cube era or worse we may be seeing some Mario games on Sony and Microsoft’s respective consoles in the far flung future.

I know we have a lot of Nintendo fans in the community so I was wondering how many of you would feel about a publisher only future for Nintendo. I think they would have a much better time that Sega, but would you lose any of the magic playing a Zelda game on a PS3?

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Activision Spits Some Game About 2010

The now infamous Bobby Kotick of Activision has gone on record as saying that he thinks 2010 is going to be their most profitable year ever. He has revealed that the Activision Blizzard  has generated 750 million in revenue and is raking in a whopping 51 million in profits. With both Call of Duty: Black Ops and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm on the way I don’t doubt his expectations that this could be an incredibly profitable year for Activision Blizzard.

I am actually pretty surprised with the failing Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk francises that they were able to come out ahead. Still I often forget that they Blizzard is with them. I have to imagine that a large chunk of that revenue came from Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft alone.

Atlus uses Masochism to Move into Profitibility

Atlus has been in a bit of rutt running at a loss last year. Luckily they have made it out of the whole and are back to making a profit of about 5 million dollars. It’s all thanks to the surprise hit Demon’s Souls developed by From Software.  The game ended up selling about 3 times their original projections to the point where it is being released as a greatest hits. The game is well known for being incredibly punishing, requiring the player to play slowly and carefully. While it has been said that they are not going to make a sequel a game called Project Dark was announced at TGS that is from the same people and features similar aspects.

I am glad to see my favorite Japanese developer continuing to succeed.

Lord of the Rings Online Revenue Spike From Going Free to Play

Lord of the Rings online is the most recent MMO out there to change their pricing model. By going mostly free to play with some items you can buy and different tiers of service they have doubled their revenue. The highest number of players online at one time has increased by 300% and about 20% of previous players have returned. Just goes to show that if you change your plan and try and compete differently then World of Warcraft more games can make it in the MMO space.

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