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Gimme Five! Games That Sound Way Better Than They Play

Some games are much better when you don’t have to play them. Usually, this is because of the graphics or…well, mainly the graphics. But a select few games are better heard than played or seen. These are the games you leave paused on a stage just to rock and/or chill out to the awesome tunes included while you tried to forget how much money you would have saved if you just got the soundtrack instead. Let’s listen up for a few games ideally made for an iPod instead of an Xbox!

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Rumour: Koji Igarashi working on Castlevania 3DS

With the release of the Harmony of Despair earlier in the year (It’s on a half price sale on XBLA today if you want to get it), Igarashi is rumoured to have his developing team working on a new project for the 3DS. According to Paul Gale’s blog, “Konami’s artists and 3D modelers have already begun work on the game with the studio apparently aiming to make clever use of the handheld’s 3D camera”. Castlevania’s 3D efforts have ranged from decent (Lords of Shadow) to one of the worst games ever made (Who the hell even thinks that Castlevania 64 is even playable?), While their 2D efforts have been of a more consistant quality. Either way, its good to see that the franchise is still being worked on.

Source: (Eurogamer)

Sketchin’!! – Castlevania Poster

Hey kids! I have made a poster! A CASTLEVANIA poster! And not one shiny prettyboy albino in sight! GO ME! I sent the high-res version off to Britt to be printed and he will totally check his e-mail and print it before the marathon because otherwise he will be minus two kneecaps, kidney, and a sternocleidomastoid. JUS’ SAYIN’.

Want to win this bad boy? Then donate to the Castlevania marathon! You can even ask for TSG people to sign it if you want!

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Up next, Castlevania! Oct29-Nov1

We appreciate everyone who was apart of our highly successful Prince of Persia/Assassin’s Creed marathon for the Gulf Restoration Network. Whether it was donating, promoting or sitting back and enjoying the show, you guys make what we do unbelievable.  Although we did not quiet reach our goal,  the over $10,500 is nothing to scoff at. That is over $3,000 more than what we raised last year at this same time.  Our community continues to grow at a rapid pace. Its awesome getting to chat with all of you guys during what seems like gaming festivals about every other month.

Next up is the Castlevania series over Halloween weekend. We are going to be teaming up with another charity, RockingHRanch to  raise money for a great cause.  I’m going to wait for the exact details before I spill the beans, so keep checking back for more details.  For those of you that don’t know, the Rocking Ranch is where we gamed for our last marathon.  We want to thank the Hoover family for letting us use their property. We all had a great time.

Getting back to our speed gaming roots is a request that we hear ever so often. It is tough for us to master each game series we do when we are constantly playing new franchises and having to juggle work, school and family life. Within the events a lot of the runs shine but are sometimes washed out by games that, for example, a runner had to drop out of playing and we needed a last minute replacement. We’ve had huge feats such as catching all of the Pokemon in 72 hours (which some thought was impossible) and too many runs to name that were stellar.  It would be too easy for us to pick out world class runners that have offered up their services , but we want to stay within our community and most importantly within the core TSG team. We know that the fans and community of TSG don’t want to see the same series’s over and over, so its a tough balance. Repeat the same series’s year after year and have high quality runs, or sacrifice the quality of the runs with more diversity of the games we play. I think in 2011 you will see many series that we will impress you with and a lot of familiar faces. The same goes for our next series, Castlevania.  Expect a lot of quality runs.