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CAVE Releases New Akai Katana Shin Footage

With the release of Akai Katana Shin in Japan sometime next month, CAVE is making sure that everyone is ready for their 23rd game by releasing a huge batch of trailers that can be viewed after the jump. The first two trailers are tutorials demonstrating the gameplay mechanics and controls of Akai Katana and Akai Katana Shin respectivly (Shin is the equivalent of the game’s arranged mode). The third trailer demonstrates the game’s “Zetsu” mode which is another arrange mode exclusive to the console version. The fourth trailer shows gameplay by an expert at the game, showing off the advanced combo methods that can be found in the game while the fifth trailer shows what beginners can achieve from the game (and the genre in general) by displaying basic gameplay. The final trailer is a general release trailer displaying details of the game’s story (as if anyone cares about that), gameplay, music, limited edition and various other parts written in incomprehensible japanese. There is currently no word on an english release however considering the relative success of Deathsmiles in Europe and America, hopefully Aksys and Rising Star can rectify that problem.

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Lost Planet 2, Nier Gestalt and ESPGaluda II Go Platinum in Japan

In a recent announcement made by Microsoft Japan, three new titles will be added to the Platinum line for the region.. On March 14th, Lost Planet 2 will recieve its budget release reducing the price to ¥2,990. While that may not sound particulary interesting (considering Lost Planet 2 is already out in English), The following week, Nier Gestalt (The one that was released in English, unlike Nier Replicant) will have its price slashed to ¥3,990. The most important information to come from this is that on April 28th (ironically, the day El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron comes out), a platinum version of ESPGaluda II will be released for the 360. Unlike the other two games, ESPGaluda II is region free and so it can be imported and played on non Japanese 360’s. CAVE’s Danmaku Magnus Opus will be avaliable for ¥2,940 for anyone who has yet to import it yet (or alternatively, get the Iphone version).

Source: (Andriasang)

Details of Akai Katana Shin’s Limited Edition revealed

Revealed at CAVE Festa 2011, Akai Katana Shin will be a port of CAVE’s latest arcade release for the 360, boasting high definition visuals, new arrange modes, and everything you could ever want from a CAVE port. The game will recieve Standard and Limited Editions with the components of the limited edition having recieved an announcement yesterday. While the regular edition will come with just the game for the price of 7,140 Yen ($87), The limited edition will come with a special casing box containing some very vibrant and colourful arwork (See Left) along with the official soundtrack CD (Composed by Ryo Umemoto who also worked on the soundtrack for ESPGaluda II Black Label which was also rather excellent). Anyone who preorders the game gets a special Voice Pack Content Card which includes new voices for the game (Preorders are avaliable for both Standard and Limited editions). Unfortunatly the game is region locked however consider the surprising success of Deathsmiles for the 360 (especially in the UK), If enough people pester Aksys and Rising Star than a western release shouldn’t be out of the question

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Cavefest 2011 Summary

I realise it’s been a few days since the highly anticipated event however since I know that TSG has literally TENS of fans of the Danmaku SHmup company and that it’s rather fitting considering the first article I ever wrote as a TSG Writer was about Cavefest 2010, I feel obliged to inform you about the most recent events concerning the companies annual game show held at Akihabara last Sunday. Click after the jump to find a full list of announcements and why you sould buy their games.

On a litle note, DeathSmiles was released in the UK last Friday so I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t bought it yet to go pick it up (It’s only £20, what more can you want?) Continue reading Cavefest 2011 Summary

CAVE announcing three new games in February

In a blog post by CAVE’s CEO Makoto Asada, He confirms the return of their yearly announcement show (different from CAVEfest) in which he will announce at least three new games. CAVE’s been rather busy with their projects, They released DoDonPachi: Resurrection last month, GUWAAAAAAAANGE on XBLA as well as releasing a patch for Mushihimesama Bug Panic on the Iphone and they are rereleasing Pink Sweets and Much Muchi Pork (Both made by Shinobu Yagawa who made Battle Garegga) on the Xbox360 (It’s region free don’t you know?). Not muc is known about any new releases though. The biggest rumour is that CAVE are releasing Dangun Feveron on XBLA sometime next year, probably to captialize of the “success” of GUWAAAAAAAANGE. CAVE’s last new release was Akai Katana which is due for a home port sometime soon as well. The last game could probably be an entirely new project which has had no official word as of yet. Either way, more details will be announced in February.

Source: (Andriasang)

Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets Double Pack Confirmed As Region Free

Some of you may remember the first news post I ever did in which during this years CAVE festival, they announced that two of their most niche games (even by their standards), Pink Sweets and Muchi Muchi Pork would get a release in one disc for the Xbox 360. CAVE themselves said that ESPGaluda II would be thei last region free release so no-one really expected that the bundle would be playable on overseas consoles. Well, it is. More after the jump.

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DoDonPachi Ressurection for Iphone gets updates

The latest installmet in CAVE’s famous shmup series, DoDonpachi Ressurection for the Iphone recieved its first major update today. The updates consists of three main features: An incredibly bizzare new background track that ca only be unlocked using a hidden method, A history feature that reveals the history behind the DoDonPachi series (hopefully to spark interest in XBLA relase maybe?) and a screen flipping feature for the Ipad. Video explaining all the new features of the update is shown after the jump.

Source: (Andriasang)

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Guwange to be Released on XBLA on October 10th

Guwange was one of the first games to be made by CAVE which helped to cement their reputation as what is probably the best Shmup company of all time. Yesterday Masato Asada (Main guy in charge of PR) announced that the game would be released WORLDWIDE for 800 points on XBLA on November 10th. Along with the original game, there will be the arranged version that specfically designed for the 360 and an arranged Blue mode that was unveiled at CAVE fest 2010.

Source: (Andriasang)

DeathSmiles standard edition to be released in the US

Gamestop have confirmed that ultra niche CAVE shmup Deathsmiles will have its standard edition released into Gamestops stores on Tuesday. Deathsmiles was originally released in the US as a limited edition intended to be bought by CAVE’s most hardcore fans as well as anyone who wants to play this moetastic shooter by including a faceplate, the soundtrack as well as the official game in this edition. Due to demand for the game though, Aksys decided to release the standard edition as well due to good sales of the limited edition (Typical, America gets two editions and Europeans have to wait until next year for the game).

Source: (Joystiq)

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Rising Star thinking of publishing CAVE games in the UK

Rising Star, a UK pubisher famous for publishing niche games to the UK such as the No More Heroes series, Little, Kings Story, Muramasa: The Demon Blade etc have confirmed that they will be publishing DeathSmiles for the UK as well as thinking about publishing other CAVE games in the UK. More on the story after the jump.

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