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Black Friday Auction raises over $10k for Parkinson’s research

This past Friday we helped host an auction along side Fangamer to raise money for michaeljfox.org, in support of Parkinson’s research. Fangamer was entrusted with several Earthbound plushies and stickers to raise money for a charity. They made a great choice in charity and we were proud to represent.

Our two communities came together in an amazing effort and raised $10,146!!

I want to thank Fangamer for the letting us co-host the event. We had a ton of fun and look forward to working with Fangamer again in the future.

Halo Reach Helmet for Charity Auction

Got some big bucks you’d like to donate for Child’s Play?  Are you a fan of Halo?  If so, then march your butt over to  Ebay and get involved in the auction for a legendary sculpted helmet that was worn by Emile.  It was created by a master Halo replica artist Daniel Yuan.

All proceeds will go to benefit Child’s Play and the Brian Wood Memorial Trust.

Check out the full sized image after the jump or through our source link.

Source:  Joystiq

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Receipts Galore

Sorry this took so long, I’m the ultimate procrastinator. Here’s receipts from each of our marathons for all of you that are interested. The difference in totals from immediately after the marathon to these receipts are from the fees pay pal takes out and the occasional disputes.

For example, the column where the green arrow is pointing will show you how much comes out of each donation.

example copy

Since there is so many receipts  you’ll need to click “read more” to view them all. The reason why the Mother Marathon receipt is split into two is because we had to hold onto a $100 until a dispute was resolved. After the resolution, I sent the last $100.

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