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Great Games for Cheap Gamers: Silent Flowers

In these trying economic times, it’s hard to be a gamer.  The big PS3 title “Shooty Shooty Bang Bang Gunfight 2” is tantalizingly out of financial reach, but you still want to play great games.

That’s what I’m here for.  Join me today as I take a look at two great titles, Pikmin for the Nintendo consoles, and Silent Hill 2, a multi-console release.

With all these savings, you can probably conserve your cash for the really important things in life.  Like aglets and silly bands, or whatever crazy things kids buy these days.

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Great Games for Cheap Gamers : Crazy Emblems

It’s hard to be a gamer in these trying economic times.  While the prospect of playing “Hack and Slash RPG 10, Let’s Gather Turnips” is high on your list of priorities, shelling out $60 for it, and another $20 for the “Wii Sword” isn’t.

That’s what I’m here for!  Join me after the jump as I highlight two great games for discount prices!  The first being a crazy racing game, the second a classic tactical RPG.

With all these savings, you can buy the important things in life.  Food, electricity, internet bills and of course that awesome spring title “Weed Whacker 12, Revenge of the Moles”.


Deal a Day: Weekend Roundup Oct. 18th

Today I think we have a lot of hot deals…I think people are gearing up for the holiday season. I can’t wait to post about the “Black Friday” deals.

Xbox 360 Elite bundle (with 120gb hdd): $224.95 +$3.99 S/H

Sony PSP Mystery Pack (Does not include games): $7.99 +$2.99 S/H per item

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (DS): $12.95 +S/H

3ft S-Video|3.5mm Stereo to Composite RCA|RCA Stereo Combo Cable: $1.69 +S/H

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Game Only)(PS2): $7.99 +$5 S/H

Flower, Sun and Rain (DS): $19.98 +S/H

Toys-R-Us buy 2 games get 1 free sale

I love sales like this, although I’d like it even more if I could take advantage of it…

Just like it says buy any two video games from anything in stock, and get a third game for free. The free game will either be the cheapest one, or the third game of three games with the same price point. This sale will also be available online too.

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