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October Marathon Complete, Pokemon up next! (December 16-19)

Many screams, scares and goofs were had during our “Trick or Treat” marathon for St. Jude. We raised a bit over $4,500 and had a blast doing it. A big thank you to everyone who participated. Whether you were at the marathon or in the chat, it’s always a complete team effort.

Now we are ramping up for our Pokemon Sun and Moon Marathon which begins on December 16th. We aim to catch the entire generation of new Pokemon while lying out challenges for ourselves along the way. During the marathon viewers will be able to unlock additional games and even extend the marathon past the 19th. We will announce the charity, achievements and other details in November.

Keep checking back to our blog for more details!

Trick or Treat Retrospective by Jasef:

Retrospective Teaser by Jasef:

Lol Wut: Destructoid Made A Christmas Album

I don’t ever post any original content from other sites, but this is absolutely crazy. I have a wierd love hate relationship with destructoid as it is, however this might tip the scales right over to absolute adoration. The album is free over on their site and it features a bunch of the editors from the site singing various traditional christmas tunes. I urge everyone to check it out, because it is nuts

You can find the album here at destructoid.

(Source: Destructoid)