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Team Bondi Facing Closure

Ever since L.A Noire was released, Team Bondi, the guys and gals who helped Rockstar make the game, have been hit with scandals, shocking allegations of working conditions and how staff are treated, but now it seems they will be closing their doors forever.

All the paper work for getting the money owed to the creditors have been handed into the Australian Securities and Investments Comission, including a liquidator. The International Game Developers Association were keeping tabs on the team following credit omissions and other mistreatment of staff, but with them looking to not see Hallowe’en, let alone Christmas, any further punishment and investigation may be dropped.

This will not effect the PC port of L.A. Noire, which is being done by Rockstar Leeds, with the copyright of the game laying with Rockstar themselves, so a sequel is also still possible.

(Source: Gamespot )